Safety is Number One​ for Georgia DOT

Safety plays an intrinsic role at Georgia DOT. One of the department’s strategic goals is investment in safety for all Georgians. Whether it’s motorists taking the interstate to get to work, or Georgia DOT’s dedicated workers building new or improving existing roadways, the department is committed to preserving safety through preventative measures and safety programs.​​

Operational Safety Programs​​

Safety Benefits of Rumble Strips

One of the leading countermeasures to roadway and lane departure crashes is the installation of rumble strips. Rumble strips are milled or raised elements in the pavement, shoulder, edge line, or center, intended to alert drivers through vibration and sound that their vehicle has left the travel lane. Georgia DOT invested approximately $40M for 34 rumble strip projects over 4,300 miles of roadway during FY 20.  The safety benefit-cost ratio for these 34 projects was 790.​ 


decrease in lane departures
where rumble strips are installed (FY 21 YTD)​ ​
decrease in roadway departures where rumble strips are installed (FY 21 YTD)


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