See & Be Seen
For Pedestrian Safety

Georgia DOT’s SEE & BE SEEN campaign aims to make it safer to walk in Georgia. SEE & BE SEEN is the pedestrian component of Georgia DOT’s Drive Alert Arrive Alive campaign to reduce crashes and fatalities on Georgia’s roadways. 

See & Be Seen

Pedestrian deaths continue to surge in Georgia with 342 people killed in 2022.

Open to the public airports  
of fatalities occur during overnight hours
Takeoffs and landings 
of fatalities occur outside a crosswalk
of fatalities are attributed to motorists  not yielding to pedestrians 
are attributed to pedestrians​

Data as of 5/3/2023​

Pedestrian Safety is a Shared Responsibility

Georgia DOT is doing its part for pedestrian safety through improved medians, crosswalks and pedestrian signals and added lighting. Drivers and walkers have a shared responsibility to look out for each other and keep pedestrians safe. How?


Pay attention when walking or driving.


See and be seen.


Slow down. Watch for walkers. Vehicle speed kills.

Vulnerable Roadway User Safety Assessment  

FY 2024 Vulnerable Roadway User Safety Assessment

The Vulnerable Roadway User Safety Assessment addresses the increase in fatality rates among​ pedestrians or cyclists on Georgia's transportation system and identifies a strategy to combat this trend . ​​

View Report​ ​​​​​


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Pedestrians Struck by Vehicles

Pedestrians struck by a vehicle at...

40 mph =9 of 10 DIE

Safety is Number One for Georgia DOT

Safety plays an intrinsic role at Georgia DOT. The department is committed to preserving safety through preventative measures and safety programs. It is our mission is to make it safe to walk in Georgia. 

Thank you for joining us in this movement towards zero deaths.