Drive Alert Arrive Alive​​​

Safety on our roadways is Georgia DOT’s top priority. Drive Alert Arrive Alive is a statewide safety campaign to educate drivers about simple changes they can make in their driving behavior to prevent crashes, improve safety and save lives.

One of those behaviors: Don’t drive distracted.

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fatalities in crashes are caused by unsafe driving behaviors, including distractions, impairment or driving too fast for conditions. This includes all angle, rear end collisions, head-on along with failure to stop collisions.
Takeoffs and landings 
people died on Georgia’s roads in 2023. 
of victims were not wearing seatbelts or unknown.
of fatalities were pedestrians.​

Data as of 4/11/2024​

DAAA Toolkit 


Driving behavior is a choice. It’s time to motivate Georgians to make the choice to change their driving behavior – and save lives.

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What Can You Do?

Many deaths are due to preventable crashes. Change your driving behavior. Distracted driving is a primary factor in many fatalities. So are impaired driving, driving too fast for conditions and failure to wear a seatbelt. Take responsibility to protect yourself, your passengers, other motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists. Follow these steps every time you get behind the wheel.​​​​​​​

Drive Responsibly. It's Easy​ as 1-2-3

1. Buckle Up

Always wear a seat belt no matter how far you drive [it’s the law]. Make sure passengers buckle up too.

2. Stay Off Phone & Mobile Devices

Drivers, put down the phone and just drive. If possible, shut it off to avoid temptation. And no texting. View Georgia’s Hands-free Law.

3. Drive Alert

Do not drive drowsy or impaired.



Safety. Georgia DOT's #1 Priority

Georgia DOT is committed to reducing fatalities on our roadways. We’ve adopted the National Strategy on Highway Safety Toward Zero Deaths effort to eliminate fatalities, avoid roadway departures, increase occupant protections and reduce distracted driving.​​​​