Public Private Partnerships (P3) Program

Public-Private Partnerships (P3) are partnerships formed between public entities like the Georgia DOT and private companies and can complement Georgia DOT’s other traditional and innovative delivery methods. Such a partnership allows the State to better allocate the limited resources we have for transportation projects by leveraging private sector innovation and capital.

These partnerships accelerate project delivery, provide access to additional capital, enable a longer-term view of asset management, and can reduce public cost and debt requirements. As a result, Georgia can offer enhanced and expanded mobility options for the traveling public and freight transportation.


P3 Project Procurement Milestones* Owner’s Rep Team**

*RFQ to follow approximately 10-12 weeks following the NOIA. All schedule information is subject to change.
**Owner’s rep team list includes firms anticipated to be serving in an owner’s rep capacity.
P3 Project Procurement Milestones*

*All schedule information is subject to change





Division Director of P3
Hiral Patel, P.E.

Assistant P3 Division Director/State Innovative Delivery Engineer
Darryl D. VanMeter, P.E.
(404) 631-1703 ​