​Environmental Procedures Guidebooks

The Environmental Procedures allow project teams to develop transportation projects in compliance with federal and state environmental laws. Georgia DOT's Office of Environmental Services (OES) created guidebooks detailing these procedures to ensure that project teams develop uniform, complete, and quality environmental documents and technical studies.


For all Environmental Practitioners

For Air Specialists and Noise Specialists

For Historians and Archaeologists

For Ecologists

For Environmental Analysts

NOTE: Please be aware that some guidebooks are in development. As each guidebook is completed, it will be posted on this site. If a guidebook for your topic is not available, please visit the Archive Section.


Please contact the following Georgia DOT representative to submit questions or comments specific to the Environmental Procedures.

Office of Environmental Services
One Georgia Center
600 West Peachtree Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30308

 ‭(Hidden)‬ How to Use the Guidebooks

Environmental Procedures are for everyone on the project team, from the project manager to the Environmental Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). However, their primary users are OES and its consultants. Rather than a lengthy printed document with chapters of instruction, the procedures are available on individual  PDF documents and divided by topic.

Users accessing these guidebooks should also be aware that they are distinct from the toolkits available through the OES team sites. Toolkits offer more detailed instructions for accomplishing certain required tasks. Instructions in the toolkits should not conflict with the more general requirements described by the guidebooks.