Permits may be issued for limited vegetation management.   An Outdoor Advertising permit is required to apply for a vegetation management permit. This applies to outdoor advertising signs legally permitted by Georgia DOT as conforming or non-conforming for a minimum of 5 years or erected on or before December 2010.

​The contributory value fees paid by outdoor advertising companies to the Department for vegetation removal at outdoor advertising signs are used for the GATEway Grant Program.  These grants are used for landscape plant material and its installation for roadside enhancement and beautification projects along state routes.

Vegetation Management at Outdoor Advertising (Policy 6170-1)
Georgia Administrative Procedure Act (APA) (O.C.G.A. 50-13-1 and 50-13-23)
O.C.G.A. (32-6-74 | 32-6-75.1 | 32-6-75.3)
How to Find Vegetation Management Statutes
State of Georgia Rules and Regulations (Chapter 672-14)