Businesses can financially sponsor the maintenance of small road segments.  Visit or call 1 (800) 200-0003 for more information.

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Family and friends may request the placement of memorial markers within the State Highway rights of way to memorialize people who have died as a result of a vehicle crash.


Request Form

Roadside Memorial Request Form


Roadside Memorial Request Policy



Memorial Marker Request

The requestor are required to submit the following to apply for a memorial marker:


Who Can Submit a Request?

Requests may be made by next of kin (spouse, child, sibling, parent / guardian, or grandparent) or friends. Requests from friends require the approval of the deceased's next of kin.

Marker Design & Installation

The memorial marker consist of a 15 inch round aluminum sign panel with a white background and black legend.

Markers will be located at the edge of the mowing limits.  Memorial markers will not be allowed within the limits of active construction work zones.

How Long Will the Marker Be In Place?

The marker should remin in place for one (1) year unless it becomes necessary to remove it due to construction or maintenance work.  


Red Light Running Photo

Georgia DOT requires permits for the installation of any Red Light Running Photo Enforcement Systems.

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Traffic Signal Permit

Overview of how to obtain and submit traffic signal permits.

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