Bridge Programs

Local Bridges​​​​​​

Local Bridges

Learn about Georgia DOT’s Low Impact Bridge Program (LIBP) and Local Bridge Replacement Program (LOCBR).

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Bridge Maintenance Program

Each year, Georgia DOT’s Office of Bridge Design and Maintenance develops plans for bridge improvement projects, conducts emergency repairs and replacements, performs reviews for permits, evaluates damage to bridges and conducts numerous bridge inspections to ensure bridge structures meet the highest safety standards.



Total Bridges


Total bridges in Georgia
6,736: state-owned
8,014: locally-owned

Bridge Inspection


Bridge inspections annually

Bridge Maintenance

$41.9 M

in maintenance that extends bridge life 20-25 years

Bridge Structures

$509.5 M

in construction and widening of 65 bridge structures in FY 2019

By The Numbers


Total number of Bridges in Georgia


State-owned bridges


Locally-owned bridges

As of 2018

 Bridge Maintenance Activities​

  • ​Inspection of all bridges and bridge culverts within a two-year cycle.
  • Underwater bridge inspection every five years.
  • Determination of a bridge’s ability to carry a load (Load Rating).
  • Routing of permit loads (including Superloads).
  • Assisting counties with solutions to bridge and bridge culvert problems.
  • Design and detail bridge repairs


Please send your feedback regarding the bridge programs to the following:

State Bridge Engineer
(404) 631-1883

Bridge Replacement Program​​​​​​

Design-Build Bridge Replacement Program

Georgia DOT's program to replace and update bridges deemed structurally deficient.

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