Weather Emergencies

Hurricane Season is June 1st to November 30th​​​​​​

Georgia is impacted by tropical systems from the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. During a hurricane, wind gusts exceeding 74 mph and torrential rain can cause damage to Georgia’s shoreline.​​​

Hurricane Preparedness Week

Hurricane Preparedness Week (April 30 - May 6) is an opportunity to understand the hazards of hurricanes and develop an emergency plan to keep you and your family safe. Each day this wee​k will focus on specific preparations you can have in place before hurricane season begins on June 1.



May 6, 2023
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Hurricane Safety Brochure

Learn how to stay safe and be prepared for hurricane season.

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Hurricane Readiness​ & Info


Check out the day-by-day timeline of the department’s Hurricane Response Plan.

Identify Storm  
Emergency Operations Network
Emergency Operations 
During the Storm  
After the Storm  

If you must be on the roadway, please follow these travel tips:

Check Vehicle Gas Level
Motorists should be aware of gas shortages in Georgia and Florida. Make sure you have an adequate level of gas in your vehicle before traveling on the roadways. Visit GasBuddy for a list of open gas stations in your area.

Pay Attention to Malfunctioning Traffic Signals
Please treat malfunctioning traffic signals as a four-way stop. Use extreme caution when entering an intersection with a downed traffic signal. Also, be mindful of pedestrians trying to cross within intersections. Visit See & Be Seen to learn more.

Slow Down
Motorists should SLOW DOWN to at least half their normal speed and watch out for downed trees and power lines on the roads.

Check Weather Forecast
Remember that weather forecasts can change quickly. Stay aware by monitoring local TV and radio. Visit the National Weather Service website for the latest weather conditions.

Know Before You Go - View Travel Information
Visit or call 511 for free real-time travel information on road conditions and closures in your area.

Be Prepared!

  • Bottled water (3-day supply per person) 
  • Non-perishable food
  • First Aid Kit and any prescriptions
  • Battery-powered radio, extra batteries
  • Flashlights, batteries
  • Flares, booster cables, tire repair kit, fire extinguisher
  • Special items for infants, elderly or disabled family members
  • List of emergency phone numbers


Plan Ahead!

  • Know your evacuation and shelter routes.
  • Keep your emergency supplies stocked.
  • Remain alert for tornado watches and warnings.
  • Practice and discuss your family’s emergency plans.

Georgia Public Radio, in cooperation with Georgia DOT, Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA), Georgia State Patrol (GSP) and the Georgia Public Broadcasting System, will provide updates on road and traffic conditions in the event of a hurricane.
Listen to GPB Radio

Severe Weather Information

Tune into the following FM stations for the latest updates.

Albany WUNV / 91.7 FM
Athens WUGA / 91.7 & 97.9 FM
Augusta WACG / 90.7 FM
Brunswick WWIO / 88.9 FM
Carrollton WUWG / 90.7 FM
Chatsworth WNGH / 98.8 FM
Columbus / Warm Springs WJSP / 88.1 FM
Demorest WPPR / 88.3 FM
Dahlonega WNGU / 89.5 FM
Ft. Gaines WJWV / 90.9 FM
Macon WMUM / 89.7 FM
Rome WGPB / 97.7 FM
Savannah WSVH / 91.1 FM
Tifton WABR / 91.1 FM
Valdosta WWET / 91.7 FM
WaycrossWXVS / 90.1 FM

I-16 One-Way Driving Guides

Normally I-16 carries traffic in both directions between Macon and Savannah. In the event of a mandatory evacuation from coastal Georgia, I-16 eastbound lanes will reverse to become “contra-flow” lanes. All I-16 lanes will allow only westbound traffic from Savannah to U.S. 441 in Dublin, a distance of 125 miles.

Paved Median Crossovers

To make sure the contra-flow lanes are used to their maximum capacity, GDOT installed double lane median “crossover” so that drives can transition from the normal westbound lanes into the contra-flow lanes. The I-16 median cross-over is at the I-95 interchange near Savannah. Traffic accessing I-16 west of I-95 will not have the opportunity to cross over. A second median cross-over west of Dublin takes the traffic back from the contra-flow lanes back to the normal westbound lanes. From that point westward, I-16 functions as normal to and from Macon.

Emergency Equipment​​

Procured by Georgia DOT since 2016


20-ton trailers


Portable diesel & gas trailers




Emergency response trailers


Portable generators


Stay Connected

Travelers can use the following resources to receive free travel information. In the event of an evacuation, message boards will be setup to alert motorists about exit ramp closures/openings as well as locations for gas, food, etc. Signs will alert the public to selected FM radio stations for weather and traffic updates. If necessary, Georgia DOT HEROs will patrol the interstates to assist motorists and respond quickly to accidents and disabled vehicles.



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Evacuation Route ​Map​​




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