SR 14; SR 14SO; CS 6112; CS 6113; CS 6114 & CS 6115 - LCI
Project ID: 0012638 Notice to Proceed Date:
Project Manager: Shannon Dodd Construction Percent Complete: %
Office: Program Delivery Current Completion Date:
County: Fulton Work Completion Date:
Congressional District: 005 Construction Contract Amount:
State Senate District.: 036, 039 Construction Contractor:
State House District: 059, 060 Preconstruction Status Report
Project Type: Enhancement Construction Status Report
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Project Description:
This project proposes to implement streetscaping, gateway features, place-making, traffic calming, and multi-modal connectivity elements in Downtown East Point. The limits of the project are along US 20/SR 14/SR 139/East Point Street/Main Street from Washington Road to West Cleveland Avenue. East Point Street (SB) and Main Street (NB) are a north-south ordered pair in this area. Improvements are also proposed on the following side streets: Dorsey Avenue, Thompson Avenue, White Way, and West Cleveland Avenue. The total length of project is approximately 5,000-ft. or 0.90 miles. A lane diet is proposed along Main Street to reduce the number of lanes from three to two. White Way and Dorsey Avenue will be converted to one-way operations to form an ordered pair. The angled on-street parking spots along Main Street will be replaced with a low-speed, protected parking area separated by a raised bulb-out. A shared use path is proposed along the east side of Main Street.
ActivityProgram YearCost EstimateDate of Last Estimate
PE (Preliminary Engineering)2013$0.003/15/2013
PE (Preliminary Engineering)2014$683,921.003/15/2013
ROW (Right of Way)2019$1,690,000.001/14/2019
CST (Construction)2022$5,211,575.155/27/2021
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