At the Georgia Department of Transportation, employees participate in meaningful and challenging work, helping to build and maintain the 10th largest transportation system in the country—an interconnected intermodal network that benefits Georgians and travelers, now and into the future.

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Georgia DOT offers a variety of employment opportunities with professional civil engineering as its core expertise. At GDOT, civil engineers work in a variety of specialty areas.

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      Georgia DOT offers not only interesting, meaningful and challenging work, but work leading to a transportation system that will benefit the traveling public now and for years to come. Georgia DOT offers employment opportunities in a number of fields.  Professional civil engineering is a core expertise for Georgia DOT, and it is practiced in a variety of specialty areas including transportation planning, design, construction, maintenance, traffic management, geotechnical/materials research and testing, and environmental/location studies.

       Featured Entry Level Positions

      Civil Engineer​​​​​​

      Civil Engineer 2 (CE2)

      Georgia DOT is hiring civil engineering majors. The Department has a long-standing reputation for its high-caliber civil engineering workforce commitment to performance excellence.

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      • 401K
      • Pension Plan
      • Vacation Leave
      • Sick Leave
      • 12 Paid Holidays Per Year

      Other benefits include; heath insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, visioin insurance, flexible work hours.


      For more information, about Georgia DOT's featured entry-level positions please contact us at recruitment@dot.ga.gov or (404) 631-1984.


      Featured Positions

      Maintenance Labor Temporary


      Highway Emergency Response Operators (HERO) - Trainee