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Outdoor Advertising

As directed by The Highway Beautification Act of 1965, the Outdoor Advertising Office (ODA) at the Georgia Department of Transportation has developed standards for the effective control of outdoor advertising signs, devices and displays. Controlling designated routes promotes safety to the travelling public and preserves the natural beauty along our Georgia roadways.

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Federal Regulations

Provisions in the Highway Beautification Act of 1965 relating to outdoor advertising control, set forth in 23 U.S.C. §131This link will direct you to a non-GDOT website., provide the federal statutory authority for outdoor advertising control.   Provisions of the Code of Federal Regulations, 23 C.F.R. Part 750 , regarding the control of outdoor advertising, supplement the provisions in the Highway Beautification Act. MAP- 21 Section 1104 results in the addition of road segments to the National Highway System. States will be responsible for control of outdoor advertising along these new segments. MAP-21

State Laws

Please refer to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated for the following laws:

  • Georgia Outdoor Advertising Control Act, O.C.G.A. §§ 32-6-70 - 32-6-97:
    Policy for outdoor advertising control pursuant to the federal mandate in the Highway Beautification Act.
  • Georgia Administrative Procedure Act (APA) O.C.G.A. §§ 50-13-1 - 50-13-23:
    Act Provides the procedural framework for the administrative hearing process.
  • Control of Signs and Signals - Vegetation Management O.C.G.A. $$ 32-6-75.1 -32-6-75.3:
    Policy for the issuance and annual renewal of permits for the trimming and removal of trees and other vegetation on the state rights of way within viewing zones of legally erected and maintained Outdoor Advertising Signs.

Outdoor Advertising Statutes

Please refer to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated for the following statues: 

  • 32-6-70 - 32-6-83 (32-6-70,  32-6-71, 32-6-72, 32-6-73, 32-6-74, 32-6-75, 32-6-75.1, 32-6-75.2, 32-6-75.3, 32-6-76, 32-6-77, 32-6-78, 32-6-79, 32-6-80, 32-6-81, 32-6-82 and 32-6-83)

GDOT Rules and Policies

  • Chapter 672-1 :
    Provides additional guidance for the conduct of the administrative hearing process in cases involving the Georgia Department of Transportation.
  • Chapters 672-6 and 672-7:
    Supplement the provisions in the Georgia Outdoor Advertising Control Act.
  • Chapter 672-14:
    Granting, Renewal, and Revocation of Vegetation Management Permits for Outdoor Advertising.
  • Issuance of Outdoor Advertising Sign Removal Credits and Vouchers (See Section 15):
    This policy establishes procedures for a credit voucher program for the removal of lapsed and nonconforming outdoor advertising signs.  

New federal regulations (MAP-21) extended the National Highway System (NHS) to cover some city and county roads and extended outdoor advertising controls to the NHS. The Department is now mandated to control the new NHS routes for outdoor advertising purposes.

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