Superpave Binder Technician Level 1A​

The Testing Management Branch administers Superpave Binder Technician Level 1A certification examinations for internal and external customers as part of the OMR Technician Certification Program.

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Superpave Binder Technician Level 1A - Renewal 8 : The participant must have been previously issued a GDOT (or GDOT Approved) certification in the applicable category At least 12 hours of the required 18 training hours must be received through attending the specific certification training class (however, only 6 training hours of specific certification training will be credited per year). The remaining 6 hours of training may be obtained by attending one of the following approved classes: the Annual Joint Contractor/GDOT Bituminous Construction Workshop, the Annual Quality Asphalt Construction Workshop, SEAUPG's Annual Conference,or any GDOT approved industry sponsored training.If the Technician has not obtained the required number of training hours by the end of the three year certification period, he/she must recertify via taking the certification written test to continue performing bituminous materials testing for GDOT.
Superpave Binder Technician Level 1A - Initial : To provide training to certified bituminous materials testing technicians in accordance with GDOT's Certified Binder Technician Testing Program and thereby improve the overall quality in the testing of bituminous materials. For initial certification, individual arrangements must be made with the Bituminous Control Engineer (404/608-4857) or State Bituminous Construction Engineer (404/608-4856). The certification test will only be mandatory for new certifications and technicians failing to obtain the minimum required training hours for recertification prior to certification expiration. This certification process will require a written test. New hires may obtain Temporary Certifications by contacting the Bituminous Branch (404/608-4855). Please note that Temporary Certificates (TC) will expire after 45 shipping days or within 90 calendar days from date GDOT issues the TC, whichever comes first.