Soil Test Technician

The Testing Management Branch administers Soil Test Technician certification examination for customers as part of the OMR Technician Certification Program. This certification is required to become qualified in Preparing and Testing Soils.

Program Information

This program is designed to provide Laboratory Soil Testing training and administer certification exams to internal and external customers in the performance of GDOT Laboratory Soil Testing and classification to ensure high-quality materials meeting the specifications are incorporated into the work and construction achieves the specified end.


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Soil Testing Technician (STT) certification testing is for internal and external customers as part of the OMAT Technician Program. This certification is designed to evaluate GDOT Laboratory Soil Testing and administer exams and performance evaluations in GDOT Soil Testing to ensure high-quality materials meeting specifications are incorporated into the work and construction achieves the specified end. Certification will consist of a written exam and a field exam.


Technicians are not required to have any continuous education credit hours to maintain their Soils Testing Technician Certification after they have successfully passed the written and practical exams and become certified.

Regardless of re-certification status, for the purpose of fulfilling the requirements of SOP 30 as required by the FHWA, active technicians (those who performed acceptance testing in the last calendar year) are required to have an IA evaluation during each calendar year.


DISCLAIMER: This page and the information linked to it are for informational purposes only. To ensure current certification program information, please contact the Testing Management Branch of the Office of Materials.

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