Roadway Testing Technician

The Testing Management Branch administers RTT certification examinations for internal and external customers as part of the OMR Technician Certification Program.

Program Information

This program is designed to provide roadway training and administer certification exams to the Roadway Testing Technician in the performance of Acceptance Sampling & Testing, and to ensure high quality materials meeting the specifications are incorporated into the work and construction achieves the specified end.


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NOTE: It is important for employers and industry personnel to understand that these certifications are on a very basic level and do not imply that a technician is qualified to do anything more than sample and/or test materials. That is to say, they are certified to provide data to industry experts who interpret the data and make decisions based on their level of expertise. ​


DISCLAIMER: This page and the information linked to it are for informational purposes only. To ensure current certification program information, please contact the Testing Management Branch of the Office of Materials.​

Independent Assurance (IA) Program

In response to FHWA recommendations, GDOT's Independent Assurance (IA) Program has been modified to a System Basis Program. As such, all active certified RTT Technicians are required to participate in the IA Program. This consists of sampling and testing proficiency evaluations when scheduled by GDOT.

Any active technician who, for whatever reason, does not have at least one satisfactory IA Evaluation within their three year certification period cannot renew with only training hours or by retaking the written exam and must be completely certified again. If your certification period is ending and you have not had an IA evaluation, it is recommend that you contact the IA Program at least six months before your expiration date to schedule an evaluation.

If you have any questions about the IA process, please contact the Quality Assurance Branch Supervisor at (404) 608-4781.​