Profilograph Operator Certification

The Concrete Branch conducts a variety of certifications for internal and external customers as part of OMR's Technician's Program. Certification cards are awarded as part of our program.

Program Information

This program is designed to train and certify technicians to properly sample and test common highway construction materials. All certification programs consist of a combination of study guides, videos, and/or practical teaching by Technical Service Engineers.


Learning Management System (LMS)

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Note: It is important for employers and industry personnel to understand that these certifications are on a very basic level and do not imply that a technician is qualified to do anything more than sample and/or test materials. That is to say, they are certified to provide data to industry experts who interpret the data and make decisions based on their level of expertise.


DISCLAIMER: This page and the information linked to it are for informational purposes only. To ensure current certification program information, please contact the Concrete Branch of the Office of Materials.​​​