Landscape plans are reviewed for safety, appropriate plant material, and maintenance requirements. Preservation and enhancement using existing and native plant material is a major emphasis. Horizontal clearance minimums and clear sight distances are required.

GDOT Landscapes​​​​​​

Landscape Requirements

Georgia DOT landscape requirements have established safety standards with aesthetic and environmental considerations on state rights of way.

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Invasive Plants

Georgia DOT reviews proposals for enhancement on the right of way to prevent the addition of invasive plant material. Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council maintains a list of plants with photos that cause environmental harm to the natural ecosystem.




For more information regarding landscaping on the right-of-way or available grants please contact:

Georgia Department of Transporation
Office of Maintenance - Landscape Architecture
One Georgia Center
600 W. Peachtree St NW, 10th floor
Atlanta, Georgia 30308
(404) 631-1399