Local Administered Project (LAP)

The Local Administered Project Certification covers uniform practices for authorizing qualified Local Public Agencies (LPA) to manage core activities for Federal-aid funded projects. Georgia DOT assumes the responsibilities of the Secretary of Transportation for all Federal-aid projects. GDOT stewardship includes the responsibility to assure local projects meet or exceed all applicable Federal and State laws, standards and requirements.

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LAP Manual

This manual outlines practices for authorizing qualified Local Public Agencies to manage activities for Federal-aid funded projects.

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PDP Manual

This manual provides guidance within Georgia DOT in fulfilling its mission to provide a safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation system through dedicated teamwork and responsible leadership supporting economic development, environmental sensitivity and improved quality of life.

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Federal Discretionary Grant Administration 

Guidance on how local governments/municipalities can request discretionary grants be administered by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

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Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)

TAP improves the quality of life for citizens in communities across the state by providing local governments the means to pursue projects that might not otherwise be possible.

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Training Courses

These courses are required every three years for certification and re-certification.

The course will cover all fourteen (14) chapters and appendices of the LAP Manual to establish uniform practices for authorizing qualified Local Public Agencies (LPA) to manage certain core activities for Federal-aid funded projects. The training provides a comprehensive overview of how transportation projects are identified, programmed, scheduled and managed at the state level. It will provide LPAs with a working knowledge to ensure adequate resource capacity and ability to deliver projects in compliance with Federal and State laws, rules, and regulations for LAP certification and re-certification to receive federal funding participation. Instruction will focus on practical information that is useful to local government, including when to accomplish project activities, whom to coordinate and collaborate with, and what the deliverables are within various work groups at GDOT.

This course provides an in-depth view of how the PDP works in the Preconstruction Division. Emphasis of the instruction is on the process, and will cover such topics as when to accomplish project activities; whom to coordinate and collaborate with, and what are the deliverables to and from the various workgroups. The instruction is delivered by experienced managers presenting lessons learned from their areas of responsibility.

Georgia DOT is accepting consultant nominees to participate in Plan Development Process (PDP) training.

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The Title VI course provides a comprehensive overview of the Federal Highway Administration’s Title VI and Environmental Justice programs and authorities, as well as how to administer the programs at the State DOT and Local Government levels. The American with Disability Act course will provide an overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 which requires that public rights of way be accessible to persons with disabilities. State and local governments must develop an ADA Self-Evaluation & Transition Plan. This training will cover the steps local governments must take to identify existing areas that limit access for persons with disabilities by creating a Self-Evaluation. The projects identified are incorporated in a Transition Plan.

This course will address Right-of-Way acquisition procedures when Federal-aid funding is utilized in any phase of the project, including Transportation Enhancement Projects. It will provide Local Public Agencies (LPAs) with a working knowledge of Federal requirements and procedures for acquiring property for Federally-assisted transportation projects. The course focuses on applying the Uniform Act and related Federal Regulations to specific situations and issues. Designed as a hands-on, highly interactive learning experience, participants will be guided through a series of Right-of-Way (ROW) problem solving exercises and group discussions.

GDOT’s Quality Assurance and Compliance Unit ensures all procurement through Operational Purchasing and Transportation Services Procurement is compliant with state and federal law, as well as Georgia DOT policies and procedures. This office provides training to internal personnel, as well as local governments. Request training by submitting an email to: ProcurementCompliance@dot.ga.gov




If you have questions or trouble registering for training, please contact Vivian Reid.