​​Coordinated Highway Assistance & Maintenance Program (CHAMP)​

Safety is Georgia DOT’s number one priority. CHAMP is critical to enhancing safety for the traveling public and responders. CHAMP is Georgia DOT’s roadside assistance and maintenance program covering interstates outside of Metro Atlanta (except I-59 and I-24). This program is an integral part of our goal to provide safe and maintained roadways, support emergency responders and assist motorists outside of the HERO covered area in Metro Atlanta.



  • Need Assistance: Motorists can reach CHAMP by calling 5-1-1.
  • Hours of Operation: Available 24/7. Patrol 16 hours. On-call 8 hours.
  • Patrol Routes: Interstates (except I-59 & I-24) outside of Metro Atlanta.

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NOTE: CHAMP is not a part of the HERO program. ​​



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Roadway Maintenance

CHAMP provides quick response to the following maintenance issues:

Major Maintenance

  • Bridge/roadway damage
  • Down signs
  • Missing roadway markings
  • Traffic signal malfunction
  • Commercial vehicle crashes and spills

Minor Maintenance

  • Vegetation
  • Blocked drainage
  • Debris removal (including abandoned or disabled vehicles)

Motorist Assistance

CHAMPs assist motorists, when feasible, and if they are not dispatched to a major highway and the motorist is safely off the road. incident enhances roadway safety by providing motorist assistance and temporary traffic control, which helps to reduce secondary incidents and increases responder safety.

Emergency Response

CHAMP serves as an on-scene incident responders, providing roadway clearance and traffic control and traveler information.

Other Services

  • Detect, verify reports and provide all necessary assistance with traffic incidents to ensure safe and quick clearance on interstates outside of HERO territory and on non-interstate state routes within 10 miles on either side of interstates when requested.
  • Provide assistance to motorist needing help on interstates, when feasible
  • Assist the Department of Public Safety and other law enforcement agencies as needed in a support role (interstate and non-interstate state routes within within 10 miles).
  • Safely and expeditiously remove debris and minor non-hazardous spills from highways
  • Assist with removing and/or tagging abandoned vehicles or other incidents
  • Maintain and /or improve safe and efficient traffic flow
  • Identify, verify and report maintenance issues and/or property damage to infrastructure