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A Peach Pass is required to travel on the Georgia Express Lanes. You can also use it while traveling to Florida or North Carolina.

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      Georgia Express Lanes are optional priced lanes that run alongside existing interstates in some of the most congested corridors around metro Atlanta. These lanes provide a choice for drivers to bypass congestion when desired, offer a clear path for transit operators and add an alternative to the roads that exist today. Express Lanes are intended to provide a mobility choice and more reliable travel times in peak periods for motorists and bus patrons. The result is a network of lanes that provide more reliable and predictable trip times. All Georgia Express Lanes rely on congestion-based pricing to maintain free-flowing travel even during peak travel times. Express lanes are already open on I-85 and I-75, but more corridors are in development and in different configurations.



      There are several ways the public can stay informed about the Georgia Express Lanes.

      Email & Phone

      Email (sign up for updates)
      (404) 347-0185 (voicemail)

      Mailing Address

      Georgia DOT - One Georgia Center
      600 West Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30308

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      Network Map

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      In Development / MMIP
      *I-285 Eastside Express Lanes
      *I-285 Top End Express Lanes
      *I-285 Westside Express Lanes
      SR 400 Express Lanes

      *Construction packages will be determined pending finalization of procurement approach.

      Long Range
      I-20 East Express Lanes
      I-20 West Express Lanes
      I-75 Gap Express Lanes