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Georgia DOT is committed to providing the best transportation system. As a part of this effort, Georgia DOT conducts numerous road construction and maintenance projects on the state highway system. These projects are a part of our effort to preserve and maintain one of Georgia’s best investments: our roads..


Construction Work Program Report​​​​​​

Construction Work Program

This report provides a listing of projects by County, Phase, and/or Program Year.

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Major Mobility Investment Program (MMIP)



Commercial Vehicle Lanes Project


I-285 Advanced Improvement Projects

I-285 Westbound Ramp Extension
I-285/Peachtree Industrial Boulevard Interchange Improvements
I-285 Westside Railroad Crossings Bridge Widenings
I-285 Westside Bridge Replacements
I-285 Eastside Bridge Replacements
I-285 Westside Auxillary Lane Extension

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