​Georgia DOT Centennial

2016 marks the 100th anniversary of Georgia DOT. For nearly 100 years we’ve accomplished a transportation system that is now the 10th largest in the country.  It has led to a better quality of life for residents, tourists, businesses and improved the overall economic development of the state.

Celebrating A Century of Simply the Best in Safety, Service & Innovation!


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      100 Years of the Georgia Department of Transportation

      August 16th is the 100th birthday of Georgia Department of Transportation. Exactly a century ago—on August 16, 1916— the seeds were planted for what would grow into the Georgia DOT. The rutted dirt roads, not fit for bicycles and automobiles, were well on their way to becoming the paved infrastructure that is now the 10th largest in the nation.

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      Congratulations From Our Transportation Partners


        Congratulations From Our Transportation Partners

        Arizona DOT

        March 29, 2016

        Dear Commissioner McMurry:

        Arizona had been a state for just four years when the Georgia Highway Department was created in 1916. Our region was part of New Spain when Georgia was shaping what would become the United States of America as a member of the Thirteen Colonies. It is with that respectful nod to history that the Arizona Department of Transportation sends congratulations to the Georgia Department of Transportation on your 100th anniversary.

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        History of Georgia Department of Transportation

        Published By the University of Georgia

        This document provides an overview of the Georgia Department of Transportation over the past century (1916-2016).  it covers the beginning of road building in the south in the early 1900s, the Great Depression and the expansion of the interstate system.

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