Project ID: 0008666 Notice to Proceed Date:
Project Manager: Cassius Octavius Edwards Construction Percent Complete: %
Office: Program Delivery Current Completion Date:
County: Camden Work Completion Date:
Congressional District: 001 Construction Contract Amount:
State Senate District.: 003 Construction Contractor:
State House District: 180 Preconstruction Status Report
Project Type: Reconstruction/Rehabilitation Construction Status Report
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Laurel Island Pkwy/Colerain Rd is currently a 2-lane corridor traversing east/west thru Camden Co., GA. The West Kingsland Bypass Phase 2 would begin at the intersection of SR 40 & Vacuna Rd (end of PI# 0000820) & then continue northeasterly along the alignment of Laurel Island Pkwy/Colerain Rd. The bypass continues on new alignment near the intersection of CR 109, crossing over the railroad & US 17 on structure, & then proceeds east on the existing alignment of Colerain Rd to tie into Kingsland Bypass Phase 1(PI# 0007414) approximately 2,500' west of I-95. The typical section will be 2 lanes in each direction with a depressed 32¿ median & rural shoulders from the beginning of the proj. to Old Still Rd. This typical section matches the typical section used in PI# 0000820. At Old Still Rd the typical section will change to an urban section with a 20¿ raised median, 5¿ sidewalk on the south side & 10¿ multiuse trail on the north side.
ActivityProgram YearCost EstimateDate of Last Estimate
PE (Preliminary Engineering)2011$1,852,784.8811/28/2018
PE (Preliminary Engineering)2019$910,271.0211/28/2018
ROW (Right of Way)2027$5,372,000.005/16/2023
UTL (Utilities)2029$6,068,315.005/8/2023
CST (Construction)2029$36,334,994.182/24/2022
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