The Plan Development Process (PDP) training course provides an in-depth view of how the PDP works within the Department. The course will cover when to accomplish project activities; whom to coordinate and collaborate with, and what are the deliverables to and from the various work groups.The instruction is delivered by experienced managers presenting lessons learned from their areas of responsibility.

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Program materials have been updated as of January 15, 2021. Find the Standard & Supplemental Specifications and Section 153 here:

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All flaggers doing any flagging on the State Highway System must have received training and a certificate upon completion of the training. This includes all work, whether by contract or by permit, such as roadway construction, utility accommodations, etc. All costs for providing certified flaggers will be borne by the contractor, utility company, or any other entity granted permission to encroach upon right of way.

Failure to provide certified flaggers as required above shall be reason for suspending work regarding the flagger(s) until a certified flagger can be provided. Flagger training and certification can be obtained through training organizations that provide certified American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) or National Safety Council (NSC) programs or from ATSSA or NSC themselves.

Recognized National Flagger Certification Programs

Program Contact Info
ATSSA 1-800-272-8772
National Safety Council Southeastern Chapter National Safety Council
6425 Powers Ferry Road, Suite 140
Sandy Springs, GA 30339
(800) 733-6185 /


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