A listing of the status for products submitted to the New Product Evaluation Program are now available. This listing provides an update of products submitted and where the product is in the process. 


All new products must fall under one of the items below. Which item below does your product meet?

NOTE: If the product does not meet one of these items or is covered by the specifications, then please call the New Products Evaluation Engineer at 404-608-4810 or email Newproductevalengineer@dot.ga.gov .

The purpose of the New Products Evaluation Program is to provide a well-defined and organized system within the Department to handle requests from various sources for consideration of new products developed for use in road and bridge construction or maintenance. To provide such a system the Department has established a New Products Evaluation Committee, which will operate in accordance with the following stated guidelines and procedures.

The Department will evaluate only those new products which have the potential to fulfill a real need, economically provide a satisfactory level of service, and are not covered by existing specifications. It is the burden of the vendor to demonstrate that a need for a new product exists and that their product has a good potential for satisfying this need. Vendor proposals that attempt to place the Department with the responsibility for developing the application for a product being offered will not be considered. The Department will consider for evaluation only those products adequately developed, screened, and tested by the manufacturers.

Committee Meeting Agenda Submissions

A listing of the New Product Evaluation submissions for placement on the New Product Evaluation (NPE) Committee Meeting Agenda will be available for review. This is a tentative agenda subject to change. This list will be updated periodically.