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Local Administered Project (LAP)

The Local Administered Project Certification covers uniform practices for authorizing qualified Local Public Agencies (LPA) to manage core activities for Federal-aid funded projects. Georgia DOT assumes the responsibilities of the Secretary of Transportation for all Federal-aid projects. GDOT stewardship includes the responsibility to assure local projects meet or exceed all applicable Federal and State laws, standards and requirements.

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LAP Manual​​​​​​

LAP Manual

This manual outlines practices for authorizing qualified Local Public Agencies to manage activities for Federal-aid funded projects.

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 District Planning and Programming Liaison

District 1(404) 694-6545
District 2 (478) 553-3407
District 3 (706) 646-7566
District 4 (229) 391-5504
District 5 (912) 530-4457
District 6 (678) 721-5374
District 7 (770) 216-3896

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LAP Manual​​​​​​

PDP Manual

This manual provides guidance within Georgia DOT in fulfilling its mission to provide a safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation system through dedicated teamwork and responsible leadership supporting economic development, environmental sensitivity and improved quality of life.

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TAP Application​​​​​​

Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)

TAP improves the quality of life for citizens in communities across the state by providing local governments the means to pursue projects that might not otherwise be possible.

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These courses are required every three years for certification and re-certification.

Local Administered Projects

Plan Development Process

Title VI

Right-of-Way Acquisition



If you have questions or trouble registering for training, please contact Vivian Reid at vreid@dot.ga.gov.