Transportation Asset Management (TAM)

Transportation Asset Management (TAM) is an integrated, comprehensive and strategic approach to cost effectively manage Georgia’s assets and meet its transportation needs. TAM’s key strength is that it is data‐driven, and decisions can be supported by the data it uses and generates, as well as by sound engineering judgment. The TAM process has enabled GDOT to move away from the traditional “worst‐first” to “most at risk first” approach when managing its infrastructure and applying preservation activities.

TAMP Brochure

Transportation Asset Management Brochure

Transportation Asset Management is a strategic and systematic process of operating, maintaining, upgrading and expanding physical assets effectively throughout the lifecycle.

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 Transportation Asset Management Plan

The Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP) is a federally required document that describes Georgia’s current bridge (bridge culverts) and pavement asset management processes for improving and preserving the condition of the National Highway System (NHS). The scope of this TAMP includes pavements and bridges (bridge Culverts) on the entire NHS, comprised of approximately 7,200 miles of roadway within the State which includes interstates, state routes and local roads as well as 4,300 structures of both bridges and bridge culverts.

Transportation Performance Management (TPM)

TAM Goals

Strategic Approach

Interstate Risk Assessment

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