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​Georgia State Rail Plan

GDOT is preparing an update to the State Rail Plan, which was last adopted in 2015. The Plan articulates Georgia's vision, goals, and needs for freight and passenger rail service in Georgia. Pursuant with federal regulations, the Plan includes a description of the state rail network, its related transportation and economic benefits and needs, and a program of proposed investments for the rail system through 2040. Georgia has a robust rail network with over 3,000 miles of track in the state.



Public Outreach

Public participation is fundamental in obtaining input to inform the plan in several areas including safety, community impacts, passenger rail service, and freight rail. The feedback generated by this outreach will help the Department identify potential administrative and regulatory improvements to enhance rail-related economic development benefits to the state. To share your thoughts with us about rail in the state of Georgia – Take our survey!

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Miles of Rail in Georgia


Norfolk Southern




Class III Total 26 Lines


GDOT Owned


Total Miles


The State Rail Plan articulates a vision for rail in Georgia: to provide a safe, efficient, and reliable state rail system that expands access and mobility for people and goods to sustain and strengthen Georgia’s economic competitiveness. The goals of the State Rail Plan are depicted below.

State Rail Plan Goals

The primary purpose of the State Rail Plan is to serve as a statewide long-range rail planning document and to provide comprehensive railroad industry data. Georgia’s rail system is a vital component of Georgia’s thriving economy by safely connecting industries, ports and people. The plan enables the Department to implement a more efficient and effective approach to integrate passenger and freight rail elements into the state of Georgia's larger multi-modal transportation framework. It covers the time period from the present to the year 2040 for integration with the Georgia Statewide Transportation Plan (SWTP) and Statewide Strategic Transportation Plan (SSTP). Our extensive rail network supports our economy connecting Georgia and a global market. The potential growth for moving goods by rail in the state will be explored as part of the plan because of the ability of rail to carry more tons per route mile.

Inbound, Outbound, and Intrastate Freight Carried by Rail in Georgia

Freight Analysis

Average Annual Tonnage of Freight Carried per Route Mile

Average Annual Tonnage


Please send your questions and comments to the following representatives:

Ashley Finch
Rail Planner
Georgia Department of Transportation
600 West Peachtree Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30308