Georgia DOT is making every effort to keep traffic moving smoothly in our state, but delays are inevitable. You can manage your commute and reduce the number of vehicles on our roadways by exploring alternatives to driving during peak traffic hours. There is no better time to try commute options that will make getting to and from work easier.

Alternative Commute Options

The following is a list of alternative commute options that can help reduce the amount of smog produced by vehicle emissions.

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Air Quality Maps
Agency Government

Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ)

The CMAQ Program provides funding assistance to areas designated as non-attainment by the EPA. Areas failing to meet the NAAQS receive funds to invest in projects that decrease transportation-related air pollutants. The FHWA and FTA jointly administer this program to allocate funding to state DOTs and MPOs based upon the severity of congestion and population within the non-attainment areas. These funds are spent on specific transportation projects that decrease emissions and improve congestion.

CMAQ Call for Projects

State air quality agencies, along with local MPOs, select projects through an application process. Counties, municipalities, state agencies, and universities are permitted to submit applications. All applications are reviewed for eligibility as well as effectiveness on emissions reductions.

Tips to Reduce Smog

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