Displaced Left Turn Intersection

A Displaced Left Turn (DLT), formerly named a Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI), is an alternative intersection that allows left turning vehicles and through-traffic to travel simultaneously through an intersection.   The DLT eliminates left-turns at the main intersection.  Instead, vehicles must first cross the opposing through lanes at a signal-controlled intersection several hundred feet from the main intersection. Left-turning vehicles then travel on a new roadway parallel to the opposing lanes and execute the left-turn simultaneously with the through traffic at the main intersection.


      In Operation
      SR 400 & SR 53
      Under Construction
      SR 10/US 78 & SR 124
      In Development
      SR 54 & SR 74
      SR 5/US 78 & SR 6/US 278 Douglas

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is a Displaced Left Turn Intersection?

      What are the Benefits?

      Making A Left Turn is Easy As 1-2-3


      Start by lining up in the left turn lane like at a normal intersection, only a little farther back. 


      2. When the traffic signal turns green, drive across the lanes for opposing traffic into the two new lanes on the left side of the road.


      When the left turn arrow turns green, you can go ahead and make your left turn.