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Georgia's Adopt-A-Highway Program enlists citizen volunteers' help to remove litter from state roadsides. While saving taxpayer dollars, the program provides recognition for participating companies and organizations, brings the environmental and monetary costs of littering into public awareness, and promotes civic responsibility and pride. The volunteers of the Adopt-A-Highway program serve as visible reminders to the public that we are all stewards of the land.  Thanks for helping Keep Georgia Peachy Clean!

New Application Requests Temporarily Suspended

Georgia DOT is currently not accepting new participants in the Adopt-A-Highway program while we update our policies and procedures. Please check back regularly for updates to the program. Existing, active Adopt-A-Highway groups should contact their local coordinator or the state coordinator for any necessary assistance, and to report activity.

Participant Waiver Form

Before each scheduled activity, this form must be completed, including the signature of each participant. Keep this form for your records. The District Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator may request this form.


Status Report

Within a week after your pickup day this form should be sent to the GDOT Maintenance Office in Atlanta.


Because roadways are dangerous places, all volunteers should be mentally alert while picking up litter. Besides using good common sense, all members should be in good physical condition, including sight and hearing. There should be one supervising adult for every three children aged 12 - 15. Alcohol use is prohibited on GDOT right-of-way.

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Select your county below to find the Adopt-A-Highway coordinator in your area to submit your questions about the program.

More Information

If you need additional information about the program please contact the statewide coordinator.

GDOT Adopt-A-Highway Program
Office of Maintenance
One Georgia Center
600 West Peachtree St, Ste 1044 
Atlanta, GA 30308
(404) 631-1387