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The State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) documents the year GDOT anticipates making funding available for things such as right-of-way (ROW) for a project. Purchasing right-of-way on schedule allows construction of a project to begin on schedule. This measure tracks how well GDOT meets the right-of-way schedule per the approved STIP.

Strategic Objective

Complete the plan development process for all projects such that 75% of right-of-way is authorized per the programmed year in the currently approved STIP.

Road to Improvement

Reduced resources and funding challenges have made meeting project schedules a challenge. Of the total number of authorized projects, GDOT delivered 66% (27 of 41) of the projects it sponsored. The Local governments delivered 33% (6 of 18) of the projects they sponsored. GDOT continues to use strategies such as "cradle to grave" project managers; stabilization of projects in the STIP; innovative delivery methods and coordination with partnering agencies to meet this challenge.

Data source: GDOT

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