Morning Peak-Hour Speeds (Managed Lanes)​​​​​



Travelers in Metro-Atlanta have come to anticipate delays when traveling during peak morning hours (6 AM – 10 AM). Managed Lanes (ML) are one of the options GDOT provides as a mobility choice to traveling in more congested General Purpose Lanes. Managed Lanes may have an occupancy requirement such as a High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane, a toll such as Express Toll Lanes (ETLs), or both such as a High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lane. The goal of MLs is to manage congestion such that a speed of 45 mph or more is maintained. This measure tracks average speeds in the regions ML system.

Strategic Objective

Optimize the throughput of people and goods on network assets throughout the day. GDOT has set a peak hour target of 45 mph or better for its Interstate Managed Lanes (ML) system.

Road to Improvement

Addressing the issue of congestion within the Atlanta region is a challenge that will require time and resources. GDOT is exploring several options to improve congestion and provide choices. Managed Lanes are currently in place throughout the region. HOT lanes are operational on the I-85 North corridor. ETLs are proposed for the I-75/I-575 North corridor and are under construction on the I-75 South corridor. The Managed Lane Implementation Plan (MLIP) is under development and will deliver a focused vision of Managed Lanes in the metro region moving forward.

Travel Time Index

Another way to evaluate the effect of congestion on the time spent commuting is the Travel Time Index (TTI). The TTI is the relationship of travel time in the peak period to travel time at free-flow conditions. A Travel Time Index of 1.30 indicates a 20-minute free-flow trip takes 26 minutes or 30% longer in the peak period. Click Here for more information on Travel Time Index.​​​

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