Congestion Costs per Auto Commuter​​​​

(Per Year)


The Texas Transportation Institute evaluates and publishes the cost of congestion in various metropolitan areas, including Atlanta. This yearly cost per auto commuter represents the added expense to the commuter as the result of lost time, wear on cars, and added fuel cost due to congestion delay.

Strategic Objective

Reduce the cost of congestion per auto commuter in the Atlanta region by 10% each year.

Road to Improvement

Addressing the issue of congestion within the Atlanta region is a challenge that requires time and resources. GDOT is exploring several options to improve congestion and provide choices. HOT Lanes were implemented on the I-85 North corridor as well as Flex Shoulder Lanes on GA 400. In addition, commute options, such as teleworking, carpooling, vanpooling, and transit can help relieve congestion.

Data source: Texas Transportation Institute; GDOT​

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