Centennial Student Art Challenge

Celebrating A Century of Simply the Best in Safety, Service & Innovation!

Celebrating A Century of Simply the Best in Safety, Service & Innovation!

Student Art Contest

Georgia Department of Transportation’s Centennial Student Art Challenge What Moves You? Imagining Tomorrow’s Transportation asked students to to write a statement and visually answer the question: What does the future of transportation in Georgia look like to you?


Winning Entries

These are eight winning entries that move us. We hope you enjoy them.
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​Grades K-3

1st Place: Alexander Chanoh Lee

Centennial Student Art Contest


A lot of times when I go downtown, I see cars bumper to bumper heading south on I-85. I was thinking we can build poles along I-85 and the Downtown Connector and put cables like the Stone Mountain cable car ... but with big magnets. You can drive from home to the nearest freeway and a cable with a large magnet will stick your car to the cable. All you have to do is enter the exit number and relax in your car. Then this Magnetic Hanging Freeway will take you to the exit and you can drive from the exit to your office. Or even to Publix. Everybody around the United States of America and the world will come to Atlanta to see this cool freeway.

2nd Place: Sarah Turner

Centennial Student Art Contest


In my picture, I drew a car in the future. It can fly with its wings. The flames make it faster. The Flying Mobile is faster than a regular car and it will go places faster. It will get people to places faster in the future.


​Grades 4-6

1st Place: Highland Roberts

Centennial Student Art Contest


My creation is basically a vacuum that sucks you up and moves you city to city or place to place. It is very easy and quick. It has a low cost of $10. It represents the theme because it’s an actual futuristic form of transportation.

2nd Place: Ca’Liyah Jackson

Centennial Student Art Contest


In the future, Georgia vehicles will no longer be able to run on gas and students will need a better way to get to school. That is why our engineering team designed “Shiptor,” the flying school bus. Instead of driving on roads with slow traffic and dangerous conditions in rain and snow, our school bus will fly straight across mountains, lakes and highways to each neighborhood. I could get to school in ten minutes instead of an hour! Our school bus will run on Georgia kudzu. It grows everywhere, so whenever our bus needs fuel, it can stop anywhere to get it for free.


​Grades 7-9

1st Place: Zoe Beard

Centennial Student Art Contest


My picture represents future transportation. In this, the car is going off the cliff with no control. People get hurt every day from doing something behind the wheel. If you ever get submerged in water, you have a way to be safe. With this future piece of transportation, you press a button on the dashboard and the car floats. It is located next to the gas pump. When you press this button, the flap opens up and starts to float. You will float to the top and you are safe and sound. Those scary moments are over with this transportation.

2nd Place: Molly Sims

Centennial Student Art Contest


The Mini-Copter is your own personal helicopter, and when you buy it you get to choose how many people it sits. The technology is simple, and anyone would be able to pilot it. The Mini-Copter is voice activated, so when you tell it to turn, it turns. You can also set it to where you get to drive it yourself. It would take you where you need to be faster. It is much safer than taking an airplane. I believe that with the resources and the continuously growing tech market, anything is possible. You have heard of people having their own helicopter, but having a mini-copter as a transportation choice would be totally different. People these days only use helicopters for when they are on a mission to save someone or something like that, but with them instead of cars who knows what other things we could accomplish?


​Grades 10-12

1st Place: Chris Ali

Centennial Student Art Contest


My piece shows a creative life of the future and how art and creativity can move you. I used a swirly slide for pedestrians so they wouldn’t have to walk, but could slide all the way into an underwater slide leading to an amazing area of different locations. Then I added birdocopters; instead of driving, people can fly these little birdies wherever they please. Cars that cannot cross to certain areas surrounded by water can use a sub-capsule that will transport them to places that cars do not go. Then lastly is the bridge. The bridge can teleport them to anywhere. This expresses fun and creative ways of my idea of transportation.

2nd Place: Aaron St. Charles

Centennial Student Art Contest


My drawing of tomorrow’s transportation was done to mimic a sleek car. I like the futuristic style while still keeping the sleek comforting car look. I chose red because it is a bold color and it’s not too much for a person to take a liking to. It shows some of my personality on how I like to stay efficient and bold and still have a classic vibe. It is a small extension of myself. In the future of transportation, I believe we would have unlocked the key to antigravity and it will do wonders. My artwork represents the theme of tomorrow; it shows what we have to look forward to and that it isn’t impossible. It shows that someday this will be reality and that this type of transportation would speed up evolution by a mile.

Student Art Contest Participants

    Winning Entries

    Two winning entries (1st and 2nd Place) will be selected from each school grade category. The winning selections will be framed and displayed in multiple statewide locations, as well as posted on the Georgia DOT website during the 2016 centennial year. The artwork will also be reproduced as part of a set of Centennial postcards.

    Student Art Challenge Winners

    Winners will be notified by mail and/or telephone. Georgia DOT will publicly announce winners through media outlets, social media and on the agency webpage.

    Winners will receive the following:

    • Original art framed
    • Award certificate
    • Five sets of Centennial postcards that showcase the eight winning works of art


    How to Submit

    Please review the submission checklist before mailing the entry package to Georgia DOT.
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    Entry Package

    Participants must mail the Entry Package containing the art, written statement and entry form by February 26, 2016 to the address below:

    Georgia Department of Transportation
    600 West Peachtree St.
    Office of Communications – 18th floor
    Atlanta, GA 30308
    ATTENTION: Centennial Student Art Challenge

    NOTE: Remember to include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you want your art returned.