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Regional Traffic Operations Program

The Regional Traffic Operations Program (RTOP) is a multi-jurisdictional, cutting-edge signal timing program with the goal of improving traffic flow and reducing vehicle emissions through improved signal timing. Georgia DOT has provided additional signal timing experts focused solely on Atlanta's busiest arterial roadways.  RTOP also assists local jurisdictions to quickly find and repair problems.  Once completed RTOP will be able to remotely monitor all corridors which will allow quicker response times to repair signal problems.



AM/PM Peak (Past 2 years)

  • Reduced number of stops by 8.3%
  • Reduced stopped time delay by 12%
  • Traffic volume throughput increased 9%

AM/PM Peak (Past year)

  • Eliminated 1.2 mil delay hours
  • Saved 700,000 gallons of fuel


For more information about the Regional Traffic Operations Program please contact: 

Chester Thomas, P.E.
Regional Traffic Operations Manager
(404) 635-2851 |