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Severe Weather

Georgia DOT is ready to manage the impact of severe weather on our state highway system. This site will help keep travelers and residents informed about Georgia DOT's efforts to keep our roadways safe.

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2/26/2015 08:00 AM

Georgia State offices in the 50 counties covered by a Winter Storm Warning will have a delayed opening of 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, Thursday, February 26. View Release

2/25/2015 03:30 PM

Notice for Trucks coming into Georgia: Currently, the Motor Carrier Compliance Division (MCCD) is requiring all trucks to go through the weigh stations where they are given information on the need to have chains on their tires IF there is a snow and ice event. Here’s the process:

  • Georgia DOT will declare that there is a restriction on a specific roadway/interstate
  • Changeable Message Signs (CMS) will notify truckers that chains are required (State law requires that if there is a need for truckers to put chains on their tires, there must be signage telling them this.)
  • Truckers will then be required to put chains on their tires. If they do not have chains on tires, the MCCD will issue citations to truckers

Contact the Motor Carrier Compliance Division

2/25/2015 03:30 PM

Georgia DOT will begin pre-treating interstates and major state routes in north Georgia and metro Atlanta midnight on Tuesday in preparation for a hazardous winter storm warning expected to move into those areas by 10AM Wednesday through 10AM Thursday. Georgia DOT asks motorists to limit driving to emergencies or essential travel only. Be patient. Be mindful. Be careful. View Full Release

2/24/2015 08:30 PM



Winter Weather

Winter Weather



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