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The Georgia Rail System is made up of passenger rail, commuter rail and freight rail service, which consists of over 5,000 route miles. View Georgia Rail Map

Program Standard
Rail Transit Safety & Security Oversight

Rail Safety

Atlanta to Charlotte

Atlanta to Charlotte

State Rail Plan

State Rail Plan


 Freight Rail

Georgia Rail Map

Georgia boasts one of the most extensive Freight Rail systems in the U.S., with 5,000 miles of track that run through most of the state’s 159 counties.
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Class I Railroads

The Freight Rail System primarily consists of two Class 1 Railroads—Norfolk Southern and CSX, which own and operate 71% of the total state system.

Railroad ​Railroad Miles
Norfolk Southern 1,912
​CSX ​1,626

Light Density Lines

Georgia DOT owns nearly 540 miles of light density rail line. Approximately 90% of the 540 miles is leased to a shortline operator.


 Passenger Rail



The Georgia Rail Passenger Program (GRPP) consists of a comprehensive plan for two distinct kinds of rail transportation: commuter and intercity trains. Commuter trains would serve inbound commuters going to work in the metro Atlanta area in the morning and then traveling home in the evening. Intercity trains would connect communities throughout Georgia and the Southeast. 

The GRPP contains seven commuter rail lines, seven lines of intercity rail service as well as the Multi-Modal Passenger Terminal (MMPT).

Intercity Rail

Intercity Passenger Rail Service in Georgia is provided by the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, known commonly as “AMTRAK.”  

Commuter Rail

Georgia's seven commuter lines serve 55 communities. Once the 425-mile system is complete, commuter trains will transport over 40,000 people to and from work everyday. Intercity trains will run on over a thousand miles of Georgia's railroads, connecting communities all over the state.

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High-Speed Rail

Studies continue for high-speed passenger rail service on four corridors:

  • Atlanta to Birmingham
  • Atlanta to Charlotte
  • Atlanta to Louisville
  • Macon to Jacksonville

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High Speed Rail Planning Study

Final Report

This study evaluated the feasibility of high-speed rail for three corridors in the southeastern United States.