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Callaway Gardens Bridge

This bridge was originally built in Troup County by Horace King and his sons. Construction of the West Point Dam would have left the bridge underwater so Callaway Gardens saved the bridge by moving it onto their property in 1965.

Shortened to fit its new home, the bridge was open to the public for many years near the current location of the John A. Sibley Horticultural Center before being removed. Callaway Gardens says the bridge is in excellent condition in a place "not open to the public." In a few years, they plan to incorporate the bridge into future developments and return it to a public area. One concern they have is finding the money to move such a large structure.

With or without a bridge on public display, Callaway Gardens is a great place to visit. If you do visit, please express your interest in returning this valuable historical resource to a public area as soon as possible.


  • County: Troup, moved to Harris
  • Other names: Neeley Bridge, Harmony Road Bridge, Wehadkee Creek Bridge
  • Length: 60 ft. (originally 173 ft.)
  • Width: ft.
  • Built: 1870
  • Builder: Horace King
  • Truss: Town Lattice
  • Stream: n/a
  • Road name: n/a
  • Traffic: No
  • WGCB Number: 10-72-01
  • Parking: No
  • Picnic area: No
  • Historic marker: No
  • Owner: Callaway Gardens

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