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Bicycle & Pedestrian Programs

The Georgia DOT’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Program incorporates a broad range of programs and initiatives throughout the state, offering technical assistance, engineering and planning guidance, public information, and educational materials and programs for cyclists, walkers, and visitors in Georgia.



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Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Action Plan 

Georgia DOT leads the effort in implementing the state’s bicycle and pedestrian safety action plan, which is coordinated with the Governor’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan. The plan identifies high crash locations and common crash types. It also lays out infrastructure and non-infrastructure recommendations to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety in Georgia.

Bicycle/Pedestrian Regional Plans & Maps


 Georgia Bike Sense


Georgia Bike Sense

Bike Sense Cover
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Georgia Bike Sense was updated in 2010. The guide is intended to teach cyclists and motorists how to safely and legally share the road. It provides guidance on technique, rules of the road, trail etiquette, safety and also contains a listing of local, state and national bicycle resources.


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Contact Information

For more information about the Bicycle and Pedestrian Program, please contact:

Georgia Department of Transportation
State Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator 
935 East Confederate Avenue - Building 24, Floor 2
Atlanta, GA 30316
(404) 635-2834