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Local Administered Project (LAP) Certification

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The Local Administered Project Certification covers uniform practices for authorizing qualified Local Public Agencies (LPA) to manage core activities for Federal-aid funded projects.

Georgia DOT assumes the responsibilities of the Secretary of Transportation for all Federal-aid projects. GDOT stewardship includes the responsibility to assure local projects meet or exceed all applicable Federal and State laws, standards and requirements.

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LAP Certification & Re-Certification

FHWA and Georgia DOT have developed a new and improved LAP Certification and Re-Certification application process. The certification process was revamped to ensure the resource capacity and ability of the Local Public Agency (LPA) to successfully manage, administer and execute the policies and procedures for federal and state compliance. Compliance is needed in order to receive federal funding participation.

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These courses are required every three years for certification and re-certification.
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