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Georgia Milepost

The Georgia Milepost is a quarterly magazine that highlights the activities, programs and initiatives of the Georgia DOT.

Fall 2014 Milepost



Strategic Plan

This plan guides Georgia DOT's  priorities for the next three to four years. It provides a broad roadmap, outlining what  the agency  wants to look like in the future.

FY 2015 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


Reference Guide

This guide provides key facts about the Georgia Department of Transportation's services and programs.

2014 Reference Guide

Reference Guide


Fact Book

The Fact Book is a comprehensive, at-a-glance guide to the Georgia Department of Transportation— offers descriptions of programs, studies and initiatives, as well as information about the State Transportation Board, Georgia DOT divisions, offices and districts, and resource references. The Fact Book is published every two years.

Fact Book

Fact Book


Annual Reports

This publication provides comprehensive financial, statistical and organizational information about the Department from the previous fiscal year.

Annual Report


Reports & Guides

Georgia DOT provides reports and guides that contain key information about Georgia DOT over a calendar year.

Investment Report


Investment Report



Georgia DOT provides brochures to keep the public informed about transportation programs, projects and activities.

Georgia DOT General Brochure 


Available for Purchase

Click here to view and order a list of Georgia DOT contractor publications. (Including the GDOT Standard Specifications publication).