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Need to order or view a transportation map? The Georgia DOT provides a variety of transportation maps for the motoring public.

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NOTE: Orders for county maps and road/traffic data may take a few weeks to be processed by the Office of Transportation Data. For more information contact



GIS Day 2014

Come experience how the Georgia DOT uses GIS technology to improve, enhance and better citizens’ lives. Learn about training opportunities and meet the EGIS team!

November 19, 2014
10AM - 2PM
One Georgia Center - Plaza/Lobby

Vendors will showcase new and improved technology such as:

  • LIDAR Data Collection
  • Virtual Desktop
  • GPS Improvements


County Maps & City Insets

County maps are updated on a multi-year cycle.  NOTE: Some map files are large and may take a few moments to open in the browser.



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Category: Georgia Official Highway & Transportation Maps

Category: Georgia Official Highway & Transportation Maps - ARCHIVE

Category: Statewide Maps


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Please visit the GIS Clearinghouse for map data and historical aerial photography.

NOTE:  GDOT customers can refer to the Cheatsheet for additional instructions to develop queries to locate commonly-requested data in the Georgia GIS Clearinghouse.


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