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Need to order or view a transportation map? The Georgia Department of Transportation provides a variety of transportation maps for the motoring public.

Order Maps

The public can order a variety of transportation maps online. The official State Highway and Transportation Map, county maps and state outline maps are available. 


Online Mapping

The Geographic Transportation Reporting Analysis & Query System (GeoTRAQS) allows users to map locations to view transportation reports and data.




County Maps & City Insets

County maps are updated on a multi-year cycle.  NOTE: Some map files are large and may take a few moments to open in the browser.


Transportation Maps


Category: Georgia Official Highway & Transportation Maps

Category: Georgia Official Highway & Transportation Maps - ARCHIVE

Category: Statewide Maps


Georgia GIS Clearinghouse

Please visit the GIS Clearinghouse for map data and historical aerial photography.

NOTE:  GDOT customers can refer to the Georgia GIS Clearinghouse Cheatsheet for additional instructions to develop queries to locate commonly-requested data in the Georgia GIS Clearinghouse.

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