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Plan Development Process (PDP)

The Plan Development Process (PDP) Training Course provides an in-depth view of how the PDP works in the Preconstruction Division. Emphasis of the instruction is on the process, and will cover such topics as when to accomplish project activities; whom to coordinate and collaborate with, and what are the deliverables to and from the various work groups. The instruction is delivered by experienced managers presenting lessons learned from their areas of responsibility.

PDP Training Schedule



Georgia DOT is accepting consultant nominees to participate in Plan Development Process (PDP) training.

How to Register

The fee is $35.00 per attendee.

Please email your nominations  Include the participant name, firm name and contact information with your registration request. Registration for this training will not be done through ACECGA.


By the end of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the Plan Development Process and its phases.
  • Describe how projects are identified and programmed, scheduled, and managed.
  • Discuss how environmental requirements impact the PDP process and the necessity for constant coordination and collaboration between various offices of the Preconstruction Division.
  • Describe how project concepts are developed and approved.
  • Describe the process by which the Preliminary Design is developed and approved.
  • Describe the actions necessary to prepare and gain approval of the Final Construction plans.
  • Describe the Construction Phase and its relationship to the PDP.