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Research Projects

Research and Development

Branch Chief: David Jared, Acting

Research and Development (R&D) administers the Georgia DOT's research and development program. The R&D program is broad-based and is aimed at applying new technology to the full range of GDOT activities. The program includes in-house research, contract research, and participation in national research activities. Various Forms and Guidelines are available from the Research.

Research and Development also manages the Roy A. Flynt Memorial Library, which maintains technical references and reports for use by GDOT employees and the general public.

Projects and Reports

This section includes a list of active research projects and a series of on-line reports. Copies of the on-line reports are available upon request. To request copies of reports, please contact Stardina Wyche, GDOT Librarian, at (404) 608-4800 or by Email .


Georgia Transportation Institute University Transportation Center

Georgia DOT provides matching funding for the Georgia Transportation Institute Univeristy Transportation Center (GTI-UTC). The GTI-UTC is a consortium of Georgia universities active in transportation research and education and is a Tier I University Transportation Center with Federal sponsorship. GIT-UTC is headquartered at the Georgia Institute of Technology and coordinates activities of researchers at Georgia State University, the University of Georgia, Clark Atlanta University, Georgia Southern University, Southern Polytechnic State University, and Albany State University. More than 40 researchers are active in research on topics including policy and planning, environmental issues, transportation technology, transportation infrastructure, and traffic operations. GTI-UTC, in cooperation with GDOT, sponsors annual research conferences to discuss research needs.