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Our agency requires construction contractors, architectural and engineering consultants, and others providing certain specialty service for GDOT to be prequalified for the work they are proposing to perform.


Engineering Consultants


Construction Contractors



Specialty Services

Firms will need to submit their qualifications for performing specialty services. This is a continuous advertisement and there is no anticipated closing date for receipt of prequalification applications.


 Geotechnical Field Services



Prequalified ContractorsDescription
Valuation AppraiserAppraisers / Appraisal Review / Detailed Cost Estimator
Right-of-Way ApplicationRight-of-Way related services
Acquisition Services​ROW Project Manager / Pre-Acq / Acquisition / Negotiation Thru Closing / Admin Review / Interpreter
Court-CoordinatorCondemnation Prep
Pre-Post-Project-PrepPlan Review / Condemn Prep / Concept Team Rep / Quit Claim Deed Prep
​Property ManagementAsbestos Inspection / Abatement / Demolition / UST Removal
Relocation ServicesConceptual Stage Studies / Relo Benefit Packages
​Valuation Specialty Services​Cost to Cure Estimator / Sign Estimator / Trade Fixture Estimator / Timber Specialist / Environmental Assessments

NOTE: Firms or individuals determined to be qualified for these services will be prequalified for a period of 2 years and may be contacted periodically to propose for work on Department projects for which they are prequalified. As these services are needed, GDOT will solicit for this work and only qualified contractors may submit bids for services in approved areas.