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The Georgia DOT provides a variety of transportation and roadside permits. Please review the list below and select the appropriate permit.  

Travel and Highway Permits

Oversize Truck Permit

Residents may obtain permits for vehicles that exceed legal weight and size (oversize/overweight).

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Red Light Running Photo

Georgia DOT requires permits for the installation of any Red Light Running Photo Enforcement Systems.

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Sponsor-A-Hwy Program

Businesses can financially sponsor the maintenance of small road segments.  Visit or call 1 (800) 200-0003 for more information.

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Traffic Signal Permit

Overview of how to obtain and submit traffic signal permits.

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Project Work Permits

Access Management

Permits for constructing a legal driveway within state right-of-way.

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Utility permits can be obtained through the Office of Utilities.

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Sign and Advertising Permits

Highway Safety Memorial Markers

Residents can request the placement of memorial markers within the State Highway right-of-way to memorialize people who have died as a result of a vehicle crash.  

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Vegetation Management at Outdoor Advertising

The Vegetation Management Program requires contractors to apply for a permit for limited vegetation removal on state right-of-way to create a Sign Viewing Zone.  

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Outdoor Advertising

Permitting forms and information for outdoor advertising billboards.  

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GDOT Logo Sign Program

The sign advertisements on state highways is managed by Georgia Logos, LLC. For further information, call (770) 447-6399 in the Atlanta area or (800) 783-2361 outside Atlanta.  

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