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Small Business Program (SBP)

Georgia DOT has implemented a Small Business Program (SBP) to increase opportunities for all small companies doing business with our agency.  SBP promotes these opportunities though the Department’s procurement of materials, professional and technical services, as well as transportation consultant and construction contracts.

The goal of the SBP is to facilitate procurement and contract opportunities of a size and scope that can reasonably be performed by competing Small Businesses, including Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) as prime and subcontractors.


Georgia DOT Authorizes Small Business Study

Small Business Program
Pictured (L to R) Dr. Thomas “Danny” Boston, Project Consultant/Georgia Tech Professor;  Betty Mason, Assistant Administrator; Supriya Kamatkar, Research Engineer; and Kimberly King, Director of EEO

Georgia DOT is pleased to announce the authorization of a Study on How Best to Serve the Transportation Industry Through the Small Business Program.  The anticipated completion date for the Project is October 4, 2014.  The Project team is led by Dr. Thomas Boston of the Georgia Institute of Technology; he will be assisted by graduate research assistants from the University.

Businesses currently registered with the Small Business program will remain registered until the Study is near completion.  Non-DBE Small Businesses will be notified via email regarding registration renewal and documents required for renewal.   NOTE: DBE registration into the Small Business Program is not necessary, so long as the DBE certification is active.

SBP Definition

A SBP participant must fall within the definition of a Small Business as defined by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), either in terms of the average number of employees over the past 12 months, or average annual receipts over the past three years.  Review info to find out if your business meets the SBA definition.

NOTE: A firm's average annual receipts cannot exceed  $22.41 million, and still be seen as a small business.



Please carefully review the registration application instructions, tool, and links  provided below, prior to submitting a SBP application. To aid in expediting the registration process, please use the SBA Determination tool , print your results, and attach it to your application. See SBA Size Determination result example.


 Application & Tools








All  inquiries and applications may be sent directly to:

Georgia Department of Transportation
Office of Equal Employment Opportunity
Program Manager: Betty Mason
600 West Peachtree St, NW (7th Floor)
Atlanta, GA 30308
(404) 631-1279 Office  | (404) 631-1943 Fax | TTY Help Desk: 711



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​SBP is implemented in accordance with the new section of Title 49, (49 CFR part 26.39)  “Fostering Small Business Participation.”

Local Government

Georgia DOT encourages Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant (LMIG) recipients to use small and disadvantaged businesses. Local governments are reminded to report at the end of the year, any DBE usage on LMIG contracts to your local State Aid Coordinator . This information will assist in meeting the 2012-2015 Race Neutral DBE Goals.