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CAICEALL Full History

12/01/12: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

12/01/12: Revised the GDOT Macro "GDOT Additional Survey Info" to correct an issue with the Windows 7 Operating System. Windows 7 64 bit does not support LZH files. The DTM Extractor has been revised to extract the ZIP file format instead. This will work on both the Windows 7 and XP OS.

Revised the GDOT Macro "Compress DTM Database" to change the DTM Creator to a ZIP format.

Revised the GDOT Macro "Extract DTM Database" to change the DTM Extractor to a XIP format.

11/1/07: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

11/1/07: Added the GDOT VBA Macro "GDOT GPS Grading File" which is used to generate a "Finished Surface" grading report file for distribution to contractors. Added the associated "GDOT GPS Grading" PDF Help File.

3/15/07: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

3/15/07: Revised the GDOT VBA Macro "Write Curve Tables" to correspond to the new PPG (Plan Presentation Guide - Version 01.00) curve table requirements and updated the associated 'Write Curve Tables" Help file. Modified the CAiCE "Custom Tools" Menu to point to the GDOT "DTM Check Program" which is used by the Office of Environment and Location.

Revised the Profile and X-Section Grid DGN files to include a date "tag" in the Border for reference purposes.

3/15/06: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

3/15/06: Released/Revised various files (Total of 38 Files) to correspond with the Standard Electronic Data Guidelines (EDG 2004 update release). The added files include Profile Seed/Grid DGN Files, X-Section Seed/Grid DGN Files and X-Section .ini/.opt files. The Added Macros include a "GDOT Plot and Export X-Section Sheets" Macro and a "GDOT Plot and Export Match Line Points" Macro for use in Plans Production. The Revised Macros include the"GDOT Plot and Export Profile Sheets" Macro and the "Write PRF(s) Macro". These Macros were revised to correspond with the "EDG-2004" Border Version. Added/Revised the associated PDF "Help Files" for these Macros.

Revised the GDOT "KCRW" Macro to add the functionality of generating (Station/Offset and Distance/Bearing) descriptions on Permanent Easement R/W Tables. The ability to
generate Deed Descriptions for Permanent Easments (PESMT Feature Code)was also added. Revised the GDOT "Update ASC File" Macro to correct an error in the reading of the original ASC File. Revised the GDOT500.FTM file (Metric FTM file) to correct an
error in the "tic size".

12/5/05: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

12/5/05: Modified Feature Codes (BCOL, BCTL, BLLL, BSL, PAR, RWE) in the GDOT Feature Tables to conform to the linestyle standards defined in the R/W Conventional Signs Legend. Added Feature Codes MPCKGRD and MPCKPAV to the GDOT Feature Tables. The following Feature Tables were revised (GDOT20.ftb, GDOT50.ftb, GDOT100.ftb, GDOT250.ftb, GDOT500.ftb).

Revised the GDOT2d.dgn (2D Version) seed file to correct a "resolution" issue in order to work with Descartes. Revised the GDOT VBA Macro "Write Curve Tables" to reflect correct stationing in the curve tables when alignment chains contain station equalities. Revised the GML Macro "PROFtoCL.gml" to correct an error in the projection of profile points onto a baseline chain.

6/15/05: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

6/15/05: Released a new GDOT Bridge Macro Library for Bridge Design users. Revised the CAiCE "Custom Tools" Menu to include the GDOT Bridge Macro Menu. Added the Bridge (BRDG) Feature Code to the GDOT Feature Tables and added the Bridge (BRDG) prefix and (BRDG) Feature Code to the Object Default settings for use in Bridge Design.

Revised the GDOT CAiCE color table to correct a graphics print problem. The CAiCE background color MUST be set to Color 20 (Black) in order to print screen graphics from CAiCE. Modified CAiCE "ini" file settings to a default plan view background color of Black (Color 20). Revised the VBA Misc. GL_SChn fragment to correct an error routine in the code.

12/16/04: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

12/16/04: Corrected a problem with the "PAR" feature code in the GDOT feature tables to make it agree with EDG-2. Corrected the text scale factors for all of the alignment feature codes in the FTM files. Created a new CAiCE color table to match the current GDOT Microstation color table. Modified the project INI files to use colors from the new color table. Modified the metric profile table to display elevation values to three decimal places. Modified the SB_Type2 barrier fragment to correct a problem with the metric version.

3/25/04: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

3/25/04: Modified the following command files to correct a problem:  DGN.cmd, DGNm.cmd, PROP.cmd, PROPm.cmd, TOPO.cmd, TOPOm.cmd, UTLE.cmd, UTLEm.cmd.

3/18/04: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

3/18/04: Revised the "GDOT Write PRF(s)" macro by removing the code which assigned the pin table and  the plotter.

3/11/04: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

3/11/04: Added GDOT feature tables which agree with version 2 of the Electronic Data Guidelines (EDG-2).  Added "(old)" to existing feature table names.  Modified and combined GDOT command files to agree with EDG-2.

1/9/04: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

1/9/04: Revised the GDOT Write Runoff/Super Tables macro to reflect the 2001 AASHTO Greenbook standards. Added new barrier fragments MB_Types, SB_Type7RS, and SB_Type7WS. Modified several files associated with the new barrier fragments. Revised the GDOT Fragment Description macro and the GDOT Fragment Check macro to include the new barrier fragments.

11/24/03: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

11/24/03: Replaced the DrainageMacros.lib file with the latest file from Autodesk which includes the corrected version of the "Plot Drainage Profiles" macro.

10/31/03: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

10/31/03: Removed references to some system resource files from the CaiceCommon2k.lib file. Modified the KCRW module to correct a problem with offset distance.

9/26/03: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

9/26/03: Revised and added numerous files related to the implementation of Visual Drainage. Revised the "GDOT KCRW" macro. Removed the "GDOT KCDeed Files Generator" macro.

3/26/03: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

3/26/03: Revised "TIESLOPE" fragment to correct a problem and to allow for inserting the fragment on both sides simultaneously. Revised the standard command files to removed the "PAR" feature code from the "VIEW POINT OBJECTS" and the "VIEW SRV CHAINS OBJECTS" command lines, and changed the default drive to "c:\"

1/9/03: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

1/9/03: Revised "STAKEout Survey Data" macro to correct a problem and to add the feature code "PCF" to the list of feature codes recognized by the macro. Revised "Fragment Checker" macro to correct a problem. Revised "REMEDCPV" fragment to correct a problem with the metric calculations.

10/31/02: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

10/31/02: Added old version of DMMTOSRV.EXE to replace the version installed with Visual PE. The new version does not work correctly.

9/27/02: Released new CAiCEALL.EXE for Visual PE 9.0.2 CAiCEALL.EXE

9/27/02: Released/revised various files for use in release of Visual PE 9.0.2 (KcVbaLib.lst, ObjDef62.mdo, SDE.ccl, SDE.cel, SDEM.ccl, SDEM.cel, Default.ctb, GDOT100.ftb, GDOT20.ftb, GDOT250.ftb, GDOT50.ftb, GDOT50_u.ftb, GDOT500.ftb, CaiceCommon2k.lib, dgn.cmd, dgnm.cmd, drain.cmd, drainm.cmd, prop.cmd, propm.cmd, topo.cmd, topom.cmd, util1.cmd, util1m.cmd, util2.cmd, util2m.cmd, util3.cmd, util3m.cmd, kcgrden.dgn, kcgrden_old, dgn, kcgrdew.dgn, kcgrdew_old.dgn, kcgrdmn.dgn, kcgrdmn_old.dgn, kcgrdmw.dgn, kcgrdmw_old.dgn, SeedXSen.dgn, SeedXSen_old.dgn, SeedXSew.dgn, SeedXSew_old.dgn, SeedXSmn.dgn, SeedXSmn_old.dgn, SeedXSmw.dgn, and SeedXSmw_old.dgn)

8/16/02: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

8/16/02: Released two new Profile tables (one English and one Metric) to reflect the stopping sight distance "K" values in the new 2001 Green Book. Renamed the existing four Profile tables to reflect the year of the Green Book that each is based on. (GDOT Profile 2001 E.TBL, GDOT Profile 2001 M.TBL, GDOT Profile 1990 Desirable E.TBL, GDOT Profile 1990 Minimum E.TBL, GDOT Profile 1994 Desirable M.TBL and GDOT Profile 1994 Minimum M.TBL)

8/7/02: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

8/7/02: Revised GML fragments "GaMill1 and GaMill2" to correct a problem with the MILL surface when using "GaOverL1" to overlay the MILL surface. (GaMill1.kc and Gamill2.kc)

7/24/02: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

7/24/02: Revised VBA macro description files. They are now released in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The revisions were made to standardize the format of the documents (28 total) and make them clearer for the user to understand. The "Main Menu" buttons have been revised to correspond more closedly with the macro names. The old WRI format description files have been removed. (CaiceCommon2k.lib, *.pdf)

7/19/02: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

7/19/02: Revised VBA macro "Stakeout Survey Data" to correct error causing points with the feature codes DWESMT, RWRM, CONSTCL and SIDECL to be omitted from the output ASC file. (CaiceCommon2k.lib and GDOTStakeoutSurveyData.pdf)

6/24/02: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

6/24/02: Revised the VBA fragments to correct for a memory leak. This leak caused a small block of RAM to be held every time one of these fragments were inserted. After repeated insertion these left over blocks of memory would accumulate and possibly cause CAiCE to slow down until the user rebooted the workstation. The modified fragments are: SB_Type2, GL_Gore, GL_MPnts, GL_Multi, GL_ProfS, GL_ProfW, GL_SChn, GL_SE1, GL_SE2, GL_Slope, BarTyp2E, BarTyp22 and GaOverL1. (VbaFragment2k.lib)

5/31/02: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

5/31/02: Revised fragment menu. Released fragment description for GML fragment "Closelnk". (Fragment.mdb, Closelnk.pdf and Closelnk.wri)

5/23/02: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

5/23/02: Revised fragment menu database numbers. This does not effect the function of the fragments. Renumbering was implemented to allow future additional fragments to be added to the GDOT fragment library without restructuring the layout of the fragment insertion menu. (Fragment.mdo)

5/15/02: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

5/15/02: Revised CAiCE default project INI files. Setup default attachments for English projects - Gdot50.ftb, Sde.ccl, Gdoterwk.tbl and Default.ctb. Setup default attachments for Metric projects - Gdot250.ftb, Sdem.ccl, Gdoterwk.tbl and Default.ctb. Setup default plan view background to black (color 20) and cross- section view background to dark blue (color 10). (Caicee.ini and Caicem.ini)

4/25/02: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

4/25/02: Revised ASCSRV to allow for upper and lower case ASC file name extensions. Previous version could only read ASC files with a lower case file name extension.

4/23/02: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

4/23/02 : Released new VBA Macro "View Points by Elevation", allows user to view Points by an elevation range.  Added to the Point tab of the GDOT Macro MainMenu.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib and ViewPointsByZRange.wri)

4/15/02 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

4/15/02 : Revised CAiCE "Custom Tools" menu to point to new revised ASCSRV program now located in "C:\Program Files\ASCSRV" folder.  (Tools.tbl)

4/15/02 : Released Adobe .PDF version of GDOT fragment description files (61 files total).  (\CAiCE\Vrfrags\Desc\*.pdf)

3/25/02 : Revised ASCSRV to include the description field for Points with a feature code of "TTRE" to translate from the ASC file comment to the CAiCE SRV file.  This allows the tree "Size" to carry into the CAiCE database.

3/14/02: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

3/14/02: Revised CAiCE command files used to create "DRAIN.DGN" to include Survey Chains and Survey Chain Points with a feature code of "TPBL".  (DGN.CMD, DGNE.CMD, TOPO.CMD and TOPOE.CMD)

1/28/02 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

1/28/02 : Released new VBA macro "VRS/VRD Fragment Check".  This macro is designed to check project .VRS and .VRD files for non GDOT fragments on consultant projects.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib,  FragmentCheck.wri and GDOT ReadMe.txt)

1/17/02 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

1/17/02 : Revised description file for VBA macro "Superelevation Report" to show example of output.  (SuperelevationRPT.wri)

12/28/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

12/28/01 : Revised VBA macro "KCRW" to set English Station and Offsets to two decimal places and Metric Station and Offsets to three decimal places.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib)

12/14/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

12/14/01 : Revised VBA macro "Plot Profiles" to correct error that omitted the active alignments from being used.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib and PlotProfiles.wri)

11/26/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

11/26/01 : Revised GML fragment "SPECDTCH" to change point names for the edge of ditch points.  (Specdtch.kc and Specdtch.wri)

11/26/01 : Revised GML fragment "Urbshld" default parameters for "SubGrade Depth" to 1.0 English and 0.3 Metric.  (Urbshld.par and Urbshld.wri)

11/8/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

11/8/01 : Revised VBA macro "Write GDOT Endarea" to correct error causing macro to intermittently drop cross section shots,  also added option of viewing output file.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib and GDOTWriteEAR.wri)

11/5/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

11/5/01 : Revised VBA macro "Write Compressed Endarea Report" to correct error causing macro to intermittently drop cross section shots from SUB section of output report.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib and CoordinatorRPT.wri)

10/26/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

10/26/01 : Revised VBA macro "KCRW" to correct intermittent error leaving stray distances and bearings on parcel descriptions.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib)

10/15/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

10/15/01 : Revised VBA macro "Write Compressed Endarea Report" to correct error causing macro to intermittently drop cross section shots from output report.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib and CoordinatorRPT.wri)

10/9/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

10/9/01 : Revised VBA macros "KCRW" and "KCDEED" to correct error on the "Metric to English" degree of curves.  This affected ONLY Metric projects.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib)

10/3/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

10/3/01 : Revised VBA fragment "GL_Multi" to correct error not allowing user to use the 10th link.  (VBAFragment2k.lib and GL_Multi.par)

9/18/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

9/18/01 : Released new VBA macro "RepairVRS" to repair jumbled VRS files.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib,  GDOT ReadMe.txt and RepairVRS.wri)

9/4/01: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

9/4/01 : Revised GML fragment "Urbshld3" to correct error in surface name.  (Urbshld3.kc)

8/28/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

8/28/01 : Added new documentation files named "GDOT ReadMe.txt" to each folder (15 in all) that CAiCEALL.EXE downloads files to.  These ascii text files give a detailed list of all the GDOT files that are downloaded from GDOT's CAiCEALL.EXE with a brief description of each file.  (GDOT ReadMe.txt)

8/23/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

8/23/01 : Revised VBA Macro "KCRW" and the description file.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib and KCRW.wri)

7/23/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

7/23/01 : Released new VBA macro "GDOT Aerial Survey Process Tugboat",  added to the "Utilities" tab of the GDOT Macro Main Menu.  GDOT Aerial Survey Process Tugboat is a program for use by the Office of Environment/Location Aerial Survey Mapping Team.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib)

7/12/01 : Revised VBA Macro "KCRW" to allow user to keyin lower case mainline chain names when using the "ALL" button.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib and KCRW.wri)

7/6/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

7/6/01 : Revised VBA libraries: CaiceCommon2k.lib and VBAFragment2k.lib.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib and VBAFragment2k.lib)

6/19/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

6/19/01 : Revised GML fragment "Urbshld3" to correct the following error:  When using offset chain to define shoulder width,  the width of the curb and gutter was incorrectly being added to the total shoulder width twice.  (Urbshld3.gml and Urbshld3.kc)

6/5/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

6/5/01 : Released new VBA macro "StakeoutSurveyData",  added to the "File" tab of the GDOT Macro Main Menu.  StakeoutSurveyData is a program to write out a file of all the points in a project with the following feature codes:


The output file will be used to stakeout points in the field,  and is in ASC file format.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib and StakeoutSurveyData.wri)

6/5/01 : Revised VBA macro "WritePRF",  added a "Files..." button to allow user to browse for .dgn file and folder.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib & WritePRF.wri)

6/1/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

6/1/01 : Released new VBA fragment "Gaoverl1",  an overlay fragment that overlays a given surface a given depth by offset or geometry chain.  (VBAFragment2k.lib,  Gaoverl1.par,  Gaoverl1.wri,  Fragment.lib and Fragment.tbl)

6/1/01 : Revised 44 fragments (GML and VBA) and their description files.  Added new surface called "DRAIN" to be used with future drainage design software,  revised descriptions accordingly and clarified documentation. 

Revised GML Fragments: Galane1,  Galane2,  Galane3,  Galane4,  Gaextln,  Gahcurb,  Pvshdin,  Pvshdout,  Urbshld,  Urbshld2,  Urbshld3,  Vgutter,  Vgutter2,  Gacutfil,  Filbnch,  Cutbnch,  Tieslope,  Mediafbd,  Medfbd1,  Medvdtch,  Rmeddpf,  Rmeddpv,  Rmedcpf,  Rmedcpv,  Bermdtch,  Surfdtch,  Specdtch,  Gamedshd,  Garoarsn,  Clrzone1,  Railrd1 and Gaminpro  - *.GML,  *.KC and *.WRI

Revised VBA Fragments: Bartyp2e,  Bartyp22,  Sb_type2,  Gl_gore,  Gl_mpnts,  Gl_multi,  Gl_profs,  Gl_schn,  Gl_se1,  Gl_se2 and Gl_slope - *.WRI and VBAFragment2k.lib

6/1/01 : Removed 29 obsolete GML fragments from GDOT fragment library. 

Removed GML Fragments - Garoarsa,  Garoarsb,  Garoarsc,  Garoarsd,  Garoarse,  Garoarsf,  Garoarsg,  Garoarsh,  Garoarsj,  Garoarsk,  Garoarsl,  Garoarsm,  Garoarsp,  Garoarsq,  Garoarsr,  Garoarss,  Garoarst,  Garoarsu,  Garoarsv,  Gamill3,  Gamill4,  Gamill5,  Gamill6,  Gamill7,  Gamill8,  Gamill9,  Gamill10,  Gamill11 and Gamill12 - *.GML,  *.KC and *.WRI.

6/1/01 : Revised VBA Macro "Fragment Descriptions" to show above mentioned revisions to GDOT fragment library.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib) 

6/1/01 : Revised feature table "GDOT50_U" to correct export to MicroStation level translation errors.  (Gdot50_u.ftb) 

5/21/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

5/21/01 : Added scale options: 300:300,  400:400 and 500:500 on metric wide cross-sections for use in plotting Borrow Pit cross-sections.  (Xsmw.opt)

5/17/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

5/17/01 : Revised VBA Macro "CreateKCDeed" to allow use of Alignment Gemometry Chains with equalities.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib and GDOTCreateKCDeed.wri)

5/16/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

5/16/01 : Revised VBA Macro "WriteCurveTables" to add "External Distance" and a MicroStation data field for "S.E. Rate" to output file.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib and WriteCurveTables.wri)

5/8/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

5/8/01 : Revised Cross-Section INI files to remove "PROJECT" text on cross-section sheets.  (Xsen.ini,  Xsew.ini,  Xsmn.ini and Xsmw.ini)

5/1/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

5/1/01 : Revised VBA Macro "VRSGlobalToLocal".  Added "Control Tips".  (CaiceCommon2k.lib and VRSGlobalToLocal_V1.wri)

4/12/01: Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

4/12/01 : Revised VBA Macro "CreateKCDeed" and documentation.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib and GDOTCreateKCDeed.wri)

3/30/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE 

3/30/01 : Released new GML Fragment "Gaextln" (for GA Extend Lane),  fragment for inserting a travel lane adjacent to an existing or previously inserted travel lane using the adjacent travel lanes cross slope.  (Gaextln.gml,  Gaextln.kc,  Gaextln.par,  Gaextln.wri,  Fragment.lib and Fragment.tbl)

3/30/01 : Revised English Feature Tables: "Gdot20,  Gdot50 and Gdot100" to correct display error on points with feature code of "RWRM".  (Gdot20.ftb,  Gdot50.ftb and Gdot100.ftb)

3/29/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

3/29/01 : Revised VBA Macro "CreateKCDeed".  (CaiceCommon2k.lib and GDOTCreateKCDeed.wri)

3/27/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

3/27/01 : Released new VBA Macro, "VRSGlobalToLocal". This macro will place comments in a user's .VRS file showing the "Local Stations"  (helpful when dealing with equalities).  Macro was added to the "Utilities" tab on the GDOT Macro Main Menu.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib and VRSGlobalToLocal.wri)

3/07/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

3/07/01 : Revised VBA Macro "CreateKCDeed" to add snap window.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib and GDOTCreateKCDeed.wri)

3/05/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

3/05/01 : Revised VBA Fragment "GL_Multi" to set default surface name to "SUB".  (GL_Multi.par)

2/09/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

2/09/01 : Revised VBA Macro "WriteCurveTables" to add SURVCL to list of feature codes for chains to write curve tables.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib and WriteCurveTables.wri)

1/30/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

1/30/01 : Revised Fragment menu to allow for users to use the arrow keys to scroll through fragment list.  (Fragment.lib)

1/23/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

1/23/01 : Revised GDOT Features Tables:  set point feature "CUT" and line feature "STKCUT" to display in blue.  This makes cut sections on construction limits appear blue while fill sections on construction appear yellow in the CAiCE screen.  These colors export to the MicroStation design files.  (Gdot20.ftb,  Gdot50.ftb,  Gdot100.ftb,  Gdot250.ftb and Gdot500.ftb)

1/22/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

1/22/01 : Revised GML Fragments "Bermdtch,  Gamedshd,  Specdtch and Surfdtch" to revise stored point feature code names.  Also set default text size to 1.0 for English units and 0.28 for Metric.  (Bermdtch.gml,  Bermdtch.kc,  Bermdtch.par,  Bermdtch.wri,  Gamedshd.gml,  Gamedshd.kc,  Gamedshd.par,  Gamedshd.wri,  Specdtch.gml,  Specdtch.kc,  Specdtch.par,  Specdtch.wri,  Surfdtch.gml,  Surfdtch.kc,  Surfdtch.par and Surfdtch.wri)

1/17/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

1/17/01 : Released new VBA Macro,  "ReadKCData".  This macro will recreate the "$" file for the CAiCE Project Manager in the event that the file is lost or damaged.  Macro was added to the "Utilities" tab on the GDOT Macro Main Menu.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib and ReadKCData.wri)

1/10/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

1/10/01 : Revised VBA Macro "KC Deed Writer" to make macro modeless. (CaiceCommon2k.lib)

1/4/01 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

1/4/01 : Revised GML Fragment "Clrzone1" to label ditch elevations to two decimal places if project units are English,  and label ditch elevations to three decimal places if project units are Metric.  Also set default text size to 1.0 for English units and 0.28 for Metric.  (Clrzone1.gml,  Clrzone1.kc,  Clrzone1.par and Clrzone1.wri)

1/4/01 : Released two new VBA Macros,  "Fragment Descriptions" and "KC Deed Writer".  "Fragment Descriptions" is loacted on the files tab of the GDOT Macro Main Menu.  This macro gives users access to all the GDOT fragment description files sorted with tabs that correspond to the menu sections in the "Fragment Selection Menu" inside Visual 2000.  "KC Deed Writer"  works in conjunction with a "yet to be released" deed writing program.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib and GDOTCreateKCDeed.wri)

12/19/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

12/19/00 : Revised GML Fragments "Gacutfil", "Mediafbd" and "Medfbd1" to label ditch elevations to two decimal places if project units are English,  and label ditch elevations to three decimal places if project units are Metric.  (Gacutfil.gml,  Gacutfil.kc,  Mediafbd.gml,  Mediafbd.kc,  Medfbd1.gml and Medfbd1.kc) 

12/14/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

12/14/00 : Revised GML Fragment "Pvshdout" description file to fix "typo".  Released discription files for GML Fragments: "Mksurv" and "Zpipe1"   (Pvshdout.wri,  Mksurv.wri and Zpipe1.wri) 

11/29/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

11/29/00 : Revised GML Fragment "Rmedcpv" to fix "Broken Back" median slopes in superelevated sections.  (Rmedcpv.gml,  Rmedcpv.kc,  Rmedcpv.par and Rmedcpv.wri) 

11/21/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

11/21/00 : Revised GML Fragment "Urbshld3" to allow for optional offset hookchain to define width of shoulder.  (Urbshld3.gml,  Urbshld3.kc,  Urbshld3.par and Urbshld3.wri)

11/21/00 : Added description file for GML Fragment "Urbshld2".  Revised default text sixe for English to 1.0 and Metric 0.28 for Fragments "Urbshld,  Urbshld2 and Urbshld3".  (Urbshld.par,  Urbshld2.par,  Urbshld3.par,  Urbshld.wri,  Urbshld2.wri and Urbshld3.wri) 

11/6/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

11/6/00 : Revised feature table "GDOT50" to  correct text for station labeling on alignment chains with feature code "SIDECL".  (GDOT50.FTB and GDOT50.FTM)

11/3/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

11/3/00 : Released new GML Fragment "Medfbd1",  fragment for non symmetrical depressed median sections.  (Medfbd1.gml,  Medfbd1.kc,  Medfbd1.par and Medfbd1.wri)

11/3/00 : Released new GML Fragment "Bardbf",  fragment for generic double faced concrete barrier.  To be used for graphic representation ONLY,  Bardbf will not reflect earthwork quantities.  (Bardbf.gml,  Bardbf.kc,  Bardbf.par and Bardbf.wri)

11/3/00 : Released 9 new VBA Fragments:

GL_Gore - Generic Fragment connecting variable slopes between two marked points.

GL_MPnts - Generic Fragment connecting single link between two marked points.

GL_Multi - Generic Fragment allowing for up to ten links to model structures such as barriers.

GL_ProfS - Generic Fragment inserting single link from hook point at a given slope to the elevation of a design profile.

GL_ProfW - Generic Fragment inserting single link from hook point for a given width or chain to the elevation of a design profile.

GL_SChn - Generic Fragment inserting a single link from hook point to the offset and elevation of a survey chain.

GL_SE1 - Generic Fragment inserting a single link from hook point for a given width or chain at the current superelevation slope.

GL_SE2 - Generic Fragment inserting a single link from hook point for a given width or chain at the current superelevation slope for the opposite side.

GL_Slope - Generic Fragment inserting a single link from hook point for a given width or chain with a user defined percent or ratio slope.

(VbaFragment2k.lib,  GL_Gore.par,  GL_Gore.wri,  GL_MPnts.par,  GL_MPnts.wri,  GL_Multi.par,  GL_Multi.wri,  GL_ProfS.par,  GL_ProfS.wri,  GL_ProfW.par,  GL_ProfW.wri,  GL_SChn.par,  GL_SChn.wri,  GL_SE1.par,  GL_SE1.wri,  GL_SE2.par,  GL_SE2.wri,  GL_Slope.par,  GL_Slope.wri,  Fragment.lib and Fragment.tbl)

11/3/00 : Revised default english slope to "0.0208" for fragments Galane1,  Galane2,  Galane3 and Galane4.  (Galane1.par,  Galane1.wri,  Galane2.par,  Galane2.wri,  Galane3.par,  Galane3.wri,  Galane4.par and Galane4.wri)

11/1/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

11/1/00 : Released new "Profile Tables" for use when storing or editing design profiles.  These tables are based on the 1990 Green Book for English and the 1994 Green Book for Metric.  (GDOT Profile Minimum E.TBL,  GDOT Profile Desirable E.TBL,  GDOT Profile Minimum M.TBL and GDOT Profile Desirable M.TBL)

10/25/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

10/25/00 : Revised VBA Macro "Additional Survey" to correct malfunction that could result in project data in ALL zones being delete instead of the intended zone.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib)

10/24/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

10/24/00 : Revised default text labeling height to 1.0 (English) and 0.28 (Metric) for fragments Gacutfil,  Mediafbd,  Pvshdin and Pvshdout.  (Gacutfil.par,  Mediafbd.par,  Pvshdin.par,  Pvshdout.par,  Gacutfil.wri,  Mediafbd.wri,  Pvshdin.wri and Pvshdout.wri)

10/20/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

10/20/00 : Revised "Narrow" cross section sheets (English and Metric) to rotate the sheet borders by 180 degrees because the previous settings plotted the sheet borders  "Upside Down"  (in the MicroStation .dgn file).  (kcgrden_new.dgn and kcgrdmn_new.dgn)

10/17/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

10/17/00 : Revised GML Fragment "Galane2",  allowing for zero lane width.  (Galane2.gml and Galane2.kc)

10/17/00 : Revised default text labeling height to 1.0 (English) and 0.28 (Metric) for fragments Galane1,  Galane2,  Galane3 and Galane4.  (Galane1.par,  Galane2.par,  Galane3.par,  Galane4.par,  Galane1.wri,  Galane2.wri,  Galane3.wri and Galane4.wri)

10/05/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

10/05/00 : Added new VBA Fragment "SB_TYPE2".  Concrete side barriers:  TYPE  2, 2A, 2B and 2C.  (VbaFragment2k.lib,  SB_Type2.par and SB_Type2.wri).

10/05/00 : Reorganized Fragment menu in Design Roads.  (Fragment.tbl and Fragment.lib)

9/28/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

9/28/00 : Revised GML Fragment "GALANE1" to correct error when labeling the cross-slope that only occurred when the fragment was placed on the left side.

9/26/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

9/26/00 : Revised GML Fragment "MEDIAFBD" to correct error when using the "FIT" option.

9/21/00 : Added new GML Fragment "MEDVDTCH" (short for Median V-Ditch).  Median fragment for divided highways that places a "V" ditch in the center of the median,  using slopes provided by the user.  This fragment is used where the median is narrow (such as decel lanes) or where there is a large difference in the profile grades of the two roadways.

9/20/00 : Revised ASCSRV v2.11

9/19/00 : Revised ASCSRV v2.1

9/12/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

9/12/00 : Revised GML Fragment "MEDIAFBD" to give user an error message if median slopes do not intersect when using the "FIT" option.

9/7/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

9/7/00 : Released new VBA Macro "Store Curve" - macro to store curves like "Classic" CEAL store curve command.  Added to Curve Tab on the Macro Main Menu.

9/5/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

9/5/00 : Revised GML KCDEED Macro

8/31/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

8/31/00 : Added new Fragment "MVHKOE" (short for Move Hook Point Offset and Elevation).  Moves hook point horizontally  to offset distance or to chain,  and vertically to stored profile or elevation.

8/31/00 : Revised Custom Tools Menu to show "GDOT Macro Main Menu"

8/23/00 : Revised ASCSRV v2.01 stand alone install

8/16/00 : Revised ASCSRV v2.0 stand alone install

8/14/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

8/14/00 : Deleted ASCSRV program from CAiCEALL.EXE

8/14/00 : Added new ASCSRV v2.0 stand alone install

8/14/00 : Revised GDOT50.FTB and GDOT50.FTM for feature code "SIDECL" to show 500' major and 100' minor ticks on alignment chains.  Set station labels to even 500'.

8/8/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

8/8/00 : Revised GML Kcdeed and Limline Macros (Kcdeed.gml, Kcdeed.kc, Limline.gml and Limline.kc)

8/8/00 : Revised GML Fragment Code (Galane2.gml, Galane2.kc, Galane4.gml, Galane4.kc, Getz.gml, Getz,kc, Gotomk.gml, Gotomk.kc, Gotoxy.gml, Gotoxy.kc, Grail1.gml, Grail1.kc, Lablsurf.gml, Lablsurf.kc, Setzpgl.gml, Setzpgl.kc, Urbshld2.gml and Urbshld2.kc).

8/3/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

8/3/00 : Revised VBA Macro "Rename Curve" to fix "Disapearing Curve" error.  (CaiceCommon2k.lib)

8/2/00 : Updated CAiCEALL.EXE

8/2/00 : Released VBA Fragment "Bartyp22" median barrier fragment.  (VbaFragment2k.lib)

6/1/00 : Released new Visual 2000 - SP1 version of CAiCEALL.EXE