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Design Policy Manual

Download complete Design Policy Manual revised: 2/4/14 

Table of Contents

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Cover Page: Cover Page revised: 6/14/10
Table of Contents: Table of Contents revised: 2/414

Chapter 1: Introduction revised: 11/26/13
Chapter 2: Design Policies, Guidelines, and Standards revised 1/18/13
Chapter 3: Design Controls revised: 7/12/12
Chapter 4: Elements of Design revised: 2/8/13
Chapter 5: Roadside Safety and and Lateral Offset to Obstructions revised: 9/11/12
Chapter 6: Cross Section Elements revised: 12/16/13
Chapter 7: At-Grade Intersections revised: 1/24/14
Chapter 8: Roundabouts revised: 2/4/14
Chapter 9: Complete Streets revised: 8/23/13
Chapter 10: Pavement Design - currently under development
Chapter 11: Other Project Types revised: 11/20/12
Chapter 12: Stage Construction - currently under development
Chapter 13: Traffic Forecasting and Analysis Concepts revised: 12/16/11
Chapter 14: Lighting revised: 2/12/09

Glossary: Glossary revised 9/21/12
References: References revised 11/20/12

Download complete Design Policy Manual revised: 2/4/14


Projects shall be designed to meet GDOT design policies and guidelines identified in the current GDOT Design Policy Manual. This manual was first published on May 12, 2006.


To submit questions or comments specific to the GDOT Design Policy Manual and its contents, please send an email to Walt Taylor.